8 Best Folding Poker Tables 2024


Having friends over for a nice game of poker is something most people look forward to. However, getting something like that actually organized can be a challenge, especially if you are living in an apartment. Having a dedicated poker table simply isn’t feasible due to limited space, and playing around a dining table just isn’t the same, not to mention that most apartments can’t even fit a dining table. Unlike poker tables, most other tables have a surface made of wood, which is very slippery and makes using cards on them impractical. Chasing them on and under the table and all over the floor can really ruin the experience. So, what are your options if you don’t want to go to Scr888 and play online poker?

The most practical solution would be a folding poker table. A dedicated poker table made of wood can be a thing of beauty and a centerpiece of a gaming room, but if you don’t have space or can’t afford one of those, then a foldable one is the next best thing. Made of plastic and metal, these tables can be folded and stored away when you are not using them, solving your issues with space. You can transform any room in your home into a gaming room in just minutes with one of them. They are also fairly inexpensive, so you can afford them even on a tight budget.

The playing surface is made of felt, which offers the perfect amount of resistance, making card glide over easily, but not enough to slip off the table. They come with handy cup holders, reducing the risk of people spilling their drinks on the table. Some of them even have chip holders, just like the real deal.

Like any other poker tables, foldable tables come in oval, rectangular, and hexagon shapes. Which one you choose is a decision you need to make considering the space you have available and how many people you plan on inviting for a poker night. The biggest tables can fit ten players, but if you usually play with smaller crowds, you can find models for eight or six players as well. Choosing one can be a hustle since there are so many models on the market. We have created a list of 8 best folding poker tables in 2024, which will hopefully help you make the right decision.

1. BBO Poker Aces Pro Folding Poker Table for 10 Players, 96-Inch Oval


The first BBO model on our list, Poker Aces Pro Folding Poker Table is 96 inches in length, making it the biggest table we reviewed. Plenty of room for ten players, excellent playing surface that let cards glide easily, and sturdy construction make this table one of the top choices when it comes to the best folding poker tables in 2024.

2. Barrington Texas Holdem Poker Table for 10 Players with Padded Rails and Cup Holders


Although this table comes with 10 cup holders and is advertised as ten players table, we aren’t sure you can actually fit ten people around it, with just 84 inches of length. However, for smaller parties, it should be plenty. At times, Barrington Texas Holdem Poker Table seemed unstable, so that is something you definitely want to pay attention to before buying it.

3. Texas Holdem Poker Table w/ Stainless Cup Holders, Suited Speed Cloth, with Folding Table Legs 48″x48″x30″high – Forest Green


An octagon model, this table comes with foldable legs for easy storage. The felt is forest green, just like in a real casino. The edges are padded, so you can lean on them comfortably. The only objection we have is the price, which is a bit high.

4. BBO Poker Ultimate Folding Poker Table for 10 Players with Felt Playing Surface, 92 x 44-Inch Oval


One of the best-made tables on our list, BBO Poker Ultimate Folding Poker Table is also among the most expensive ones. Only the legs are foldable on this model. The table looks very stylish, with stainless steel cup holders and imitation mahogany around the felt playing surface. With 92 inches of length, it is the second-largest model, with enough space for ten players.

5. Fat Cat Folding Texas Hold ’em Poker/Casino Game Table with Cushioned Rail, 10 Player


With 83 inches in length, this Fat Cat model can accommodate up to ten players, although they would have to squeeze a bit. It has foldable legs and it folds in the middle, making storing it when not in use easy. To make room for ten players, the manufacturer had to place cup holders too close to each other, leaving little room for elbows.

6. Octagon Poker Table For Texas Holdem, Cards & Game. Green, Black, Burgundy & Red Felt Options. Folding Steel Legs, 8 Player, With Built In Cup holders & Chip Trays


This Octagon Poker Table is among the pricier solutions on our list. The only part of it that is foldable is the legs, so keep that in mind, as it may not fit every space. The felt on the playing surface seems a tad fast, so you may one to be careful when dealing unless you want to pick up cards from the floor. It comes with cup holders and chip holders.

7. Giantex Foldable 8 Player Poker Table Casino Texas Holdem Folding Poker Play Table


Foldex is a nice, affordable table that you can fold in two, with foldable legs. It gets the job done, but don’t expect wonders. It doesn’t appear sturdy and the cup holders are very shallow, making them almost unusable.

8. Texas Holdem Folding Poker Table For 73″ 8 Player Casino Stainless Steel Cup Holders Folding Legs Felt By IDS Poker


This is a budget model from IDS. At 73 inches x 35 inches, there is enough space for 6 players, although the company advertises eight, which would be crumped. It folds in the middle for storage. The playing surface is made of felt. All in all, it is an acceptable solution, but don’t expect to be blown away by its quality or design.