Can You Get Email Marketing Software for Free?

So you’ve probably heard that you can create email lists for your business and personal use. Have you heard that you can do it for free?

Of course, there are lots of free email marketing software to choose from. Without breaking your company’s budget, you can keep close contact with customers and prospects. Even with the tag ‘free’, it might be hard to find the perfect one for your use.

This article presents you with a comprehensive overview of the best free email marketing software on the market. Let’s check the most common free email marketing software that can be integrated by Apiway integration platform out there.

6 Free Email Marketing Software

1.   HubSpot

This app software is helpful to small businesses for managing emails at no cost. From sending kickback emails, promoting current sales campaigns, and sending thank-you emails after purchases, HubSpot’s free version can take care of all that.

This free email marketing tool consists of a drag-and-drop editor and ready-made templates that make it easy to use. The most exciting feature is the ability to link the email tool to other HubSpot tools.

2.   Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an all-rounder because it also offers customer relationship management and landing page creation alongside email marketing.

This free email tool provides up to 70 responsive design templates for you to produce stunning emails and proofread before sending them online. Sendinblue also offers features to optimize campaigns and focus on your target audience.

3. NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors is free email marketing software that makes marketing campaigns easier and
more efficient. Its user-friendly platform allows even the least experienced marketers to
construct profitable campaigns within just a few clicks.
NotifyVisitors also allows users to customize their emails using the drag and drop feature,
meaning that changes can be made quickly and simply. This free email marketing software
enables any business to increase brand awareness in no time.

3.   Mailchimp

You should have heard about this free email marketing software at some point. MailChimp is a free tool that provides all essential email functions and resourceful insights about your audience.

For small businesses keen on reaching customers easily, MailChimp offers easy-to-use automated services via the Content Manager.

4.   Omnisend

If you’re looking to integrate your eCommerce communication activities in one place, Omnisend has all it takes. The free plan offers basic email marketing services enough to cater to small and medium businesses.

Another interesting feature is the ability to automate email deliveries and timely communications based on customer’s availability. With Omnisend, you’ll gain insights into your audience and be able to create more emails based on that response.

5.   MailerLite

MailerLite has earned its place as a favorite email marketing choice due to highly sophisticated features like responsive landing page builder and pop-up customizer. This free email tool is loaded with a drag-and-drop email builder, photo editor to create impressive emails.

An added comprehensive campaign contains critical analyses like click rates, unsubscribe rates, open rates, and more.


Despite being free, these email marketing tools will ensure you get the best out of your marketing campaign. Now, you can reach out to thousands of customers for free all at the same time!

Whether it’s essential blogging for small enterprises, these email tools should serve the purpose. Some are more popular than others, while some have the best design templates. Choose the best fit for your company and start using it right away.

6 Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

The small companies that use email marketing maintain the expenses down while constructing a loyal patron base and growing sales.

Building a listing and sending emails takes a lot of time and effort. That’s the time when email marketing software providers come.

There are several email marketing software alternatives to pick out from. All of them with exclusive features, price plans, and a degree of user-friendliness. We determined to signal up and evaluate some of the best email marketing software for small business. However, in case you want to read more details, you can always check

1.   HubSpot

It’s tough to pair HubSpot with another email marketing software because of its end-to-end marketing solutions. This platform comprises a vast range of impressive features tailored for small businesses to achieve their business goals.

Some of the features include social media management tools, optimum automation, and built-in CRM functionality. There’s also room for integration with other HubSpot tools for improved results.

2.   Campaigner


Every small business that wishes to leverage digital marketing for better sales will love this tool. Campaigner combines cost-effective digital marketing, analytic features alongside automation to deliver express content and customer satisfaction.

This tool’s other fantastic features include an intuitive UI, 24/7 customer support, and a wide range of template options.

3.   Constant Contact

Another mind-blowing email marketing platform for small businesses, Constant Contact has taken the lead in expanding social media reach. Small businesses certainly need this tool to gain influence across social channels.

Asides from this, Constant Contact is packed with intuitive UI, a range of commerce and event integrations. The basic template scheme may not be quite distinguished. However, it is enough to get small businesses started.

4.   SendinBlue

SendinBlue is a more comprehensive email marketing software that combines CRM tools with expanded automation to suit small businesses. There’s a whole bank of auto-responders and transactional email features to boost communication.

Although the initial setup might be challenging, SendinBlue is worth the effort. The basic templates are also simple yet efficient.

5.   Campaign Monitor

Speaking of easy-to-use stunning templates, direct online support, and customer auto responders, Campaign Monitor has it all. This email marketing software provides powerful analytics for valuable insights to aid sales marketing. You can use the software to monitor your company’s campaigns from start to finish.

6.   Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot combines automation with email marketing to give feasible solutions to small businesses. Other outstanding features of the Salesforce Pardot include limitless automation branching, new user onboard service, and easy integration of Salesforce apps like Einstein.


Small businesses deserve optimum email marketing services, and these are the very best!

Check out some of these software solutions and choose the ones that suit your company’s budgets and objectives.

6 benefits of email marketing software for nonprofits

Nonprofits stand to gain a lot from the efficiency that CRM tools offer. These organizations utilize marketing tools to manage simple day-to-day tasks. Here are the advantages of using email marketing software for nonprofits.

1.   Group your clients

Users can customize their marketing software to group their client list by their demography automatically. Sorting them into groups based on their age will improve the effectiveness of any messages sent across. As a result, more of your messages will get positive responses because they resonate with the right demographics.

2.   Prioritize your contacts

Email marketing solutions help nonprofits to arrange their clients in order of responsiveness to email newsletters. With this software, you can choose which set of clients to target more. This strategy leads to increased engagement and donations due to more specific marketing.

3.   Real feedback

Modern mail marketing platforms provide analytics that determines whether your newsletters are read or not. You can get actionable feedback based on who actually reads your messages and helps you. The contributors to your nonprofit initiative can also reach out to you for inputs or complaints.

4.   Automated welcome note

Email marketing tools can manage client interaction from start to finish. You can set up the automated welcome note for new subscribers to your newsletter to show gratitude.

5.   Customized Mails

Customized emails can make the difference between your client reading the mail you sent or not. A customized mail attracts more viewers who eventually read the newsletters than ordinary mail. Like colorful flowers and dull ones, a personalized email has higher chances of being open and read than generic emails.

6.   Flexible and accessible

Many email tools are easily accessible online at affordable rates. For example, some free marketing tools offer thousands of free email correspondence per month. Other CRM tools provide discounted rates to you as your email list grows.


As a growing nonprofit organization, using email marketing software is a no-brainer. Generally, it organizes every correspondence related to your company, clients, and donors. Modern email tools also make your work easier by handling a major part of your daily activities. So, you these email marketing software for nonprofits and increase the organization’s efficiency.