4 Things you need to know about Renting a Car in Mexico


Although the world is fighting its invisible enemy, after almost a year, it is slowly beginning to overthrow this enemy and recover from the damage, but also from the crisis caused by this new type of virus that doctors around the world have never encountered. Various drugs and several types of vaccines were invented but also approved so that we can fight this invisible enemy much more prepared to win. The world is slowly recovering and getting back on its feet, and thus slowly returning to normal air traffic, contacts, and connections between countries around the world, and thus people again decide to travel and visit their favorite tourist destinations around the world.

Most countries still do not have their doors open to the whole world, but as time goes by they do it slowly one by one. One of the first countries that has fully opened its doors to the whole world and which is a hit destination is Mexico. Many travel enthusiasts have already visited Mexico or have already booked their trip to this wonderful destination. The prices for visiting this country are extremely low and profitable, so the interest is even higher than it was two years ago when you traveled normally around the world.


Mexico is very cautious about the situation with the virus and requires simple conditions – you need to have a negative PCR test or have already been vaccinated and that’s it. If you meet these conditions, pack your bags and see you in Mexico! There you will taste the most delicious food, you will taste the irresistible taco, the wonderful traditional burrito, the traditional corn chips with various delicious sauces, you will drink the most delicious tequila, you will visit the beautiful beaches, you can go to any of the famous destinations in this country and much more! To fully enjoy your stay you will need to rent a car with which you can easily transfer from destination A to destination B. Wondering what the rules are for renting a car in Mexico? Do not search the internet because there you will read various information which in the end when you arrive in Mexico will turn out to be untrue and that you have been unnecessarily annoyed. In continuation, we bring you the 4 things you need to know before renting a car on your next trip to the country known for its delicious burrito!

  1. You need to know the rules, regulations, and laws of Mexico – always before you go on a trip anywhere in the world you should first sit down carefully and study all the rules and procedures that the country prescribes for its foreign guests who will perform their stay in the country. Every country has its own rules that everyone should respect, both the citizen and the tourist. To be able to spend your stay in Mexico casually and without any unwanted problems, you need to read the rules prescribed by the authorities, and once you get acquainted with the rules, simply pack up and set off, but carefully and respectfully follow the rules. and procedures.
  2. The law stipulates that you must be at least 25 years old to be able to rent a car – from the outset, you need to know the limit set by Mexican law – any person over 25 or over 25 can rent a vehicle that he will use during his stay in the country. This rule is the first rule you need to know before you start considering where and what kind of car you want to rent. The reason why this rule was introduced is primarily because a large number of students who work in tourist facilities in the United States during the summer period visit Mexico and they decide to rent a vehicle, but in the past when the limit was lower there were a lot of offenses due to inexperience after which the state decides to increase the limit to 25 years.
  3. You must always have your driver’s license and ID card with you – check the validity before going to Mexico – before any trip you need to check the validity of your passports, but especially now you need to check the validity of your ID card and your driving license. The reason is that you will need them during your stay so that you can rent a vehicle with them, but also drive it. Make sure these two documents are in order with your expiration date as the penalties for invalid IDs in Mexico for foreigners are huge, which would mean cutting your budget and possibly interrupting your trip.
  4. The car rental center will ask for your payment card so that they can make a deposit for the vehicle – what you will have to carry with you when you go to the car rental center is a valid and functional payment card with which will need to make a deposit. The deposit is usually between 20 and 40 percent of the total amount you will pay for renting the vehicle. The card must be valid and have money on it so that they can withdraw the required amount from the car rental service. If you do not have a valid card with money on it, make sure and find a car rental service where you could do it with cash.

If you want to know more rules and tips about renting a car, read more and find out what other important things you need to pay attention to and what other important things you need to keep in mind when renting a car in Mexico.


It remains to plan the course of your trip, to plan the destinations you want to travel to, to gather your company, book a hotel and go to this wonderful destination to which everyone who has left has formed memories to which he happily returns. Do not forget the conditions for renting a car because, in order to see all the beauties of this beautiful country, you need to be easily and quickly transported from one location to another. Have a nice trip and have a nice time in Mexico!