Best Netflix Movies/Shows to Make You Stick to Your Bed This Weekend

It can be hard for you to pick your next binge watch because Netflix isn’t short in supply of the best Netflix shows and movies. So, it’s impossible for you to ever lack a great binge watch show.

Despite the fact that Netflix has a lot to offer, its libraries are geo-restricted to some regions. However, the good news is there’s nothing to worry about if you want to change your Netflix region, because VPN is here for the rescue.

Searching through such a big selection can take a long time, so we’ve made it a bit easier for you by looking through the entire library and compiling this list of the finest shows now available to stream on Netflix.

6 Best Netflix Movies/Series to Watch Right Now!

This winter season is filled with greatly acclaimed films. It’s nearly a national pastime to spend hours binge-watching the best Netflix shows (especially when it’s freezing outdoors), keeping you occupied—and socially distanced —until you’re ready to start watching Christmas movies on Netflix. So, here is a list of the best Netflix Movies/Series you can binge watch this October!

  1. Squid Games
  2. Harry Potter All Seasons (Know how to unblock all seasons of Harry Potter on this website)
  3. Dark Desire
  4. Friendzone
  5. Extraction

Squid Games

“Squid Game” is a sophisticated film, and the absence of a sexual component to the violence works in its favor while portraying its action as glamorous. Squid Game is a fast brutal yet visually spectacular must-see film that is dark, twisted, and unexpectedly poignant.

This K-Drama revolves around a story of an average guy, Gi-hun, 47, lives with his mother and works as a chauffeur on occasion. He is pursued by debt collectors who threaten to take his kidney and eye if he does not pay the money he owes within a month after swiping his mother’s debit card, losing her savings, and taking it to a gambling den.

His 10-year-old daughter lives with a wealthy stepfather who may be relocating, and things appear to be bleak. Then, in a subway station, a mystery guy with a briefcase approaches Gi-hun, inviting him to play a child’s game for serious money. He is spanked when he loses, and ends up making a lot of money. He is given a card by a stranger, as an invitation for him to join a bigger game than before for good money. Will he call back? Will Gi-hun life be the same? This demands for another season!

Harry Potter All Seasons

The story revolves around a little orphaned child named Harry Potter who is adopted by his uncle and aunt on the day his parents die. He received anonymous letters from owls during the day, believing that his parents had died in a car accident as he grew up. He realizes that he is a wizard when he turns eleven, and that his parents were murdered by Voldemort, his fiercest adversary, rather than in a car accident.

He becomes a renowned wizard after attending Hogwarts, the school of wizardry. With his pals Ron and Hermoine, he sets out on a journey to find the Philosopher’s Stone. Harry discovers that the stone is with him, and his professor, who is following Voldemort, tries to snare the stone from Harry. Because the professor is unable to touch people, the professor dies when Harry touches him, ending up saving the world.

However, if you are one of those Potterheads, then this one is surely for you. It’s been a year since its release but Harry Potter on Netflix still manages to stay on top of the region. Yes, it’s right Harry Potter on Netflix is not available from all of its libraries but you can binge watch all of its seasons by changing your Netflix region by changing it to Australia, Belgium, France, or New Zealand.

Dark Desire

This Spanish pheromone-drenched thriller series that revolves around lies, adultery and deaths with the characters in it, Professor Alma Solares lives with her husband, Judge Leonardo Solares and their daughter, Zoe, a future medical examiner who enjoys spending time with her uncle, Esteban Solares, a criminologist.

Alma has a one-night sexual encounter with 20-something Dario Guerra while spending the weekend with her best friend Brenda Castillo to think about her husband’s probable infidelity. When she comes home, a series of events throw her life into disarray, and she discovers that she can no longer trust the people in her life.


This one is a light, typical best friend to lovers’ movie about turning your friendship into a relationship in an experimental way of finding self-love. The hero is a morally upright man seeking to end a platonic relationship with no idea of how to win the world of a woman. He meets Rose who is a designer of baby garments who has recently broken free from a difficult ex-boyfriend, while at a bachelor celebration.

As the two unexpectedly cross paths at the beach, sparks flare between them, leading to a wonderful relationship until feelings begin to intervene. However, the movies also revolve around the dynamic friendship between Thibault and his three girlfriends. To win Rose, he goes through different experiments with the help of his girlfriends who made him go through the big journey of his personal growth.


If you are into fully action and thriller-based movies, then Extraction is the one for you. Starring Chris Hemsworth, portraying a role of super-tough mercenary who over drinks to forget his past. He is on an all-guns-blazing mission to rescue a kidnapped son of a crime lord. When Ovi Mahajan Jr., the young son of imprisoned Indian drug boss Ovi Mahajan Sr., is abducted and held for ransom by Amir, Bangladesh’s most powerful drug lord, Rake is assigned the task of rescuing and returning the teen to safety.

Rake accepts the task, desperate for money and finding little worth life for, and lands in Dhaka soon after. Rake must fight not just more of Amir’s guys, but also the police and military authorities bought off by Amir, and Ovi’s former bodyguard, who may be trying to steal Ovi from Rake in order to protect his own family, after evading a kidnapping attempt by Amir’s gang and subsequently rescuing Ovi.

Final Verdict

There is no need to go back to your old Netflix favorites or spend hours on searching through Netflix because the above mentioned 5 Netflix and movies are worth watching this October.