The Best Simulation Games and Why You Should Play Them

When The Sims first hit the video gaming scene, many gamers questioned the appeal of a game that lacked excitement, or even entertainment. It soon became evident, however, that simulator games of this type actually had universal appeal. Not all gamers need to fight their way through levels, or race through cities in flashy cars, or go on adventures in fantasy worlds. And not all gamers want to try a new casino, such as those at, to find new casino games where they can win money. Strange as it may seem, some gamers just want to quietly go about slowly building a virtual real-world existence and play out everyday examples of real-world life in a virtual (and safe) environment.

The appeal of a simulation game (or sims game) is that it allows us to enter a real-world scenario where we get to experience a slice of life that doesn’t necessarily resemble our own but is still familiar. In a simulation game, we can learn new skills, or we can bring our daydreams to life. We can experience the hardships of farming, or we can build a railway empire in America’s Wild West. We can take charge of a submarine during World War II, or we immerse ourselves in the gentle world of Animal Crossing, where our virtual life plays out in real time. The world of simulation is our oyster, and it makes for the perfect escape from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Psychoanalysts believe that simulation games can even have a positive impact on our real lives, particularly when the games lend themselves to self-expansion or increased levels of empathy and community spirit.

The Sims and Animal Crossing


While ‘The Sims’ still remains hugely popular, it is not the only simulation game that gets attention. There are some incredible simulation games on the market. You are sure to find one that suits your personality or your gaming style. Animal Crossing, for example, offers a similar but alternative experience to The Sims. In Animal Crossing you become a character within the Animal Crossing world, as opposed to ‘The Sims’ where you act as almighty creator. Animal Crossing plays out in real time, so your gameplay will coincide with all the major holidays and world events.

The Sims gives you more scope to unleash your creative side while also revealing sides to your character that you might not know exist. Will you be a benevolent ruler, for example, or will you become a megalomaniac that rules your world with an iron fist? Will you build only to ultimately destroy? Or will your world become more beautiful than you could ever have imagined? Both games offer the player the chance to feel empowered and to develop empathy and to gain a deeper understanding of the human experience, but they come at it from different angles. Of the two games ‘Animal Crossing’ offers, perhaps, a gentler, easier gaming experience, but both are worthy of exploration.

Kerbal Space Program and War Thunder


If your purpose is to learn a new skill, one that you would be extremely unlikely to pursue in real life, there are several excellent games at your disposal. The ‘Kerbal Space Program’ is a game that allows you to build a spacecraft from your own design, and then launch your craft into orbit. Once in space, you’ll learn to dock your spacecraft with another spacecraft, or land your spacecraft on the moon. This game is so good that it got the attention of NASA. And in collaboration with NASA, the developers are now creating game content that is based on real space missions.

If you want to fly, but not in space, check out the award winning, War Thunder. It’s one of the easiest flight simulations to get the hang of, so you’ll be airborne before you know it – much faster than you would with Flight Simulator X. War Thunder also offers ground vehicles and fleet vehicles, so you’ll be able to experience the art of war from the seat of almost any war machine that you can think of from pre-WW1 to post Iraq.

Train Sim World and Railway Empire

If you prefer trains than planes and spacecraft, we recommend you try ‘Train Sim World’ or ‘Railway Empire’. The latter, as we’ve already mentioned, will allow you to build a railway empire in the Wild West era of American train travel. Your job is to conquer North America by building a successful railway company that lasts well into the 20th Century. You’ll need to develop management skills in order to successfully manage your workforce, figure out how and where to lay tracks, research new technology, and build railway stations along your routes. ‘Train Sim World’ is a modern-day train simulation game that offers an ultra-realistic experience. You are fully responsible for your train, from maintenance to driving, so you’ll need to be prepared to take on the job as if it was real-life experience.

F1 2024 and More

There are, of course, plenty of simulation games that put you in the driving seat of various automobiles. The F1 2024 will put you behind the wheel of an F1 race car. No longer will you have to imagine how it feels to be a king among men. You’ll get to experience the powerful adrenaline rush of taking super car out onto the track and putting pedal to the metal. You’ll take corners like a pro, and you’ll probably crash spectacularly – but you’ll get to start again like nothing happened instead of being rushed to the hospital with a fatal head injury. Basically, F1 2024 will give you the opportunity to experience all that being a race car driver entails.

If the F1 scene is just a bit too fancy pants, you could go for Assetto Corsa Competizione, Euro Truck Simulator 2, or Dirt Rally. Each offers its own unique driving simulation, and each one is noteworthy for its set up and gaming experience.