Best Online Casino Games to Tell If You’ve Got What it Takes to Be a Pro Gambler

Want to go pro? Here’s what you need to know if you plan to win real money at online casinos.

Making a living with gambling is no easy feat. Not necessarily because it’s impossible- but largely because it takes a massive amount of dedication, practice, and study. Most people don;t have the drive necessary to gambling full time. Especially because despite eating up a ton of your time, it can also eat up a ton of your money, especially if you’re not careful. This is largely because if you want to make big money gambling, you have to bet big money. Which means you have to be okay with losing big money as well.

Most pro gamblers don’t just wake up one morning and decide to go all in. It takes time and a ton of practice. Most of them learn the types of games they enjoy playing, then spend hours on sites like Casino Genie, finding the sites that have the best RTP (return to player) advantages and bonus promotions. This way, they can find the places that offer them the games they’re familiar with and have strategy for, all without breaking a sweat- or their wallets.

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Winning Real Money Means Losing It

A professional gambler knows when it’s time to bet high, when it’s time to stay, and when it’s time to go home. While this doesn’t mean that they go straight to the high roller room and bet all or nothing, it does mean that they are prepared to bet large when their strategy tells them it’s time. Some games- like roulette- often have a betting strategy that will allow players to at least break even up to a specific point.

Other games, like blackjack, rely on a keen understanding of statistics and other types of mathematics. While you can’t count cards in online blackjack or poker, because of the way random number generators work, you can make good choices based on the laws of probability. Which makes card games a bit trickier to be a pro with, but there is good money in it if you have the time and the attention necessary. But no matter how good you are, eventually you’re going to lose, and if you’re playing at a professional level, that loss is not going to be small. That is the thing which every professional player of these games should be aware of. But you know, if you do not risk there is no profit.

The Games That Pay

Of all the games that are accessible to online gamblers, these five are the ones that often have the best RTP rates. This means they’re the best games to play if you know what you’re doing.



A hugely popular casino game, and probably the one that’s most often associated with Pro gamblers- poker is still a great game, but in order to become a professional in this area, it’s going to take some serious leg work. Mostly because you’ll need to pay close attention to professional strategy and sound betting practices, more than ever before. This is largely because of poker’s immense and rather immediate rise to fame in the early 2000’s, where more famous Poker professionals got their start. Now the playing (and winning) field is much more tightly bound. Pros are at the absolute top of their game and getting a spot in that circle is basically filling dead men’s shoes.


Blackjack has always been a favorite, even long before it wears a popular game for online casinos. Because of the mix of game, strategy, luck, and a routinely low house edge- blackjack is often a game that is favored by professionals. Especially online, where strategy shifts, as card counting is not possible- but the house can’t increase their edge either. So base strategies may still be employed, but you wind up with a more honest game all around. There are a number of different betting strategies a player can employ, and many of those are mathematically sound. Which is what has long made blackjack the choice of geeks and pros alike.

Video Poker

While video poker is admittedly largely a game of chance, there is still a betting strategy that can be played against certain available betting tables and specific variations of the game. It is also one of the games at online casinos where players can win real money as the house edge is often incredibly low. In some cases, and under some popular titles like “Double Double Bonus”, the house edge can be under 1%. Which is far better than almost any other casino game you’ll find. Not to mention that because of how the RNG (random number generator) works- your likelihood of pulling a winning combination never changes.


Another game of chances that’s often frequented by professionals because of low house edge and applicable strategy, is Roulette. This is one of the oldest games offered in casinos worldwide and features several different regional variations. It is also the type of game that professionals and novices alike can easily play at an online casino (and win real money). The game itself is fairly simple, and even most professional level betting strategies are easy to learn and reason out. The only thing that really separates a newbie from a pro at Roulette is bankroll. With Roulette, especially when employing negative progression betting, a big starting bankroll is your best friend when it comes to winning big and betting intelligently.