Is Fur Back in 2024?

Although controversial, fur has had a special place in the fashion industry since the beginning of time. And it still has. Long ago, it was a matter of luxury, a status symbol, a statement, a sophisticated element in one’s style.

Today, it’s still all the above. With a bit more stigma.

We all remember the breathtaking, unforgettable outfits in Hollywood movies, where lady’s fur is like her second skin, accenting her style, manners and beauty.

The one and only Marilyn Monroe portrays the Hollywood glam at its finest, with a movie star lifestyle, attire and attitude. If you try to imagine Marilyn, it’s hard not to picture her without her fur, whether it’s a collar, a muff, fur accessories or a coat. Timeless beauties and old Hollywood divas such as Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman and Elizabeth Taylor all worn fur. Remember the epic Martin Scorsese movie named Casino? How else would the main character’s wife get represented with all the luxury and wealth, other than having her wearing fur in almost every scene, combined with gold and other jewelry and expensive clothes? All of this leads to only one conclusion – fur will never go out of style.

Even though it’s not necessarily a matter of aristocratic elite anymore, fur garments still play an important role in both women and men fashion around the globe. Wearing exclusive fur is not only reserved for higher nobility, but for anyone who likes it.

With only one piece of fur, you can turn every outfit into a classic and timeless look. Oh, and classy too. Just like a little black dress, this is something every person should have in their wardrobe. Other than the black dress, the top 5 must-have pieces in your wardrobe are classic white t-shirts, a good pair of jeans, denim jacket, and of course, a furry coat or fur accessory.

But, is fur a good item for every situation? How and when you should wear it? You can check out some of these Aria Moda Coats for some cool ideas or inspiration on what to get this winter. However, we made a list of 5 trendy fur outfits that will make an impression in 2024:

1. Combine with oversized items

You probably haven’t considered pairing your favorite baggy jeans or pants with a coat made of fur. When it comes to 2024 fashion, the question is, why not? If you choose a shorter furry jacket, you can combine it with a good pair of baggy jeans, big boots and a turtleneck. Add a belt bag or a cross-body, and you’re good to go! Other oversized items such as denim jackets, and big shirts can also go perfectly with skinny jeans and a short furry coat. Puffy sleeves, dramatic and bold dresses and cardigans, this year is all about drama and size. That’s why this is the ultimate combination – oversized proportions and classic fur. These items will make your outfit modern and posh, with a touch of sophistication, just don’t forget some gold accessories since gold is also 2024!

2. Hollywood glam

Elegance never goes out of style. But even an elegant outfit can be elevated to the next level with just one simple addition: imagine a long, tight, backless dress with gentle straps. Black or nude, simple and classy. Now imagine a fur collar nonchalantly laying on a lady’s shoulder. Sounds like a movie scene already? Fur coats have mostly been combined with elegant and luxury dresses, on special occasions such as movie premieres. Today, a special occasion could be anything, from a romantic dinner with your partner in a high-end restaurant, to a fashion show or a theater show. Not only for aesthetic purposes, but fur will also make you sexier, more confident and more cozy and warm – on cold winter days. Choose simple jewelry, a necklace, earrings and a bracelet, nude makeup and be ready to grab everyone’s attention.

3. Wide-Legged denim and fur

If you never thought that wide-legged denim will go back in style, you were wrong! That’s exactly what we can expect in 2024. Eccentric and over the top, loose fit denim from ’71 showed up again in 2024, slowly bringing back the hippie vibes. You can’t be wrong with classic denim, but wide-legs denim is what could really make you stand out. If you choose to follow this trend, you’ll need to make some changes and adjustments. What’s a better way to do this than to pair good loose denim, a statement handbag, a beret and a long fur coat – sounds like compliments are already on your way!

4. Luxe Sport – the new luxury

2024 will be the year of experimenting. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic pyjamas, high heel boots, fur coat and a beret made a big comeback this year! Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and to go with the flow. If that means wearing your pyjamas or loungewear in public then make sure to combine cozy and comfortable wear with a total opposite – sophisticated fur, long or short coats, hats or other fur options, and of course, some good western inspired boots. Combine with a shoulder bag, gold chains and you’ll get an outfit perfect for work, chill with friends or any other occasion where you need to feel casual but not completely sporty.

The debate about fur is an ongoing process that will certainly be continued in the years to come. Wearing fur is oftentimes connected with accusations of carelessness and violence toward animals. The dangers and the risks of wearing furare often being emphasized, pointing out to our planet and its ecological stability.

This is why it’s hard to determine whether wearing fur is a matter of luxury, necessity or a simple choice. Does every one of us have the right to choose an item, without thinking about ecological struggles in the world? The answers are both yes and no.

A simple fashion item has been deeply intertwined with politics, and removed the focus from bigger sustainability problems. Anfi-fur movement has gathered speed, making tectonic changes in the fashion industry and promoting more sustainable, fur-free options. However, according to one of the latest records, it’s been proven that faux fur actually produces more damage to the planet since it requires more non-sustainable and nonrenewable energy to produce. Faux fur is a trend of the moment, while real fur is being handed through generations or sold in thrift shops, making it a perfect vintage solution that doesn’t make any carbon footprint at all. Whichever side you choose, one thing is sure – you’ll turn heads if you wear it! We’ll leave the rest to the debaters.