Best Safety Hearing Protection for the Motorcycle Riders

Best Safety Hearing Protection for the Motorcycle Riders

There are quite a lot of risks associated with riding motorcycles. Some of these risks can be avoided by following the right prescriptions. It has been said that moving at the speed of over 50mph exposes the motorcycle rider to a wind noise level of about 110dB. If the riders continue getting the noises for more than 20 minutes, it can cause hearing loss over time.

If they don’t care about it then they will fall into the tinnitus problem. That is why they need to use custom hearing protection. Custom hearing protection will fit the ears and it is able to protect the noise and engine sounds. This level of noise is equivalent to the one generated from electric drills and it has a lot of health complications on the hearing system, especially the eardrums. Riding during the windy or stormy seasons which cannot be avoided sometimes also heighten the adverse effects the noise level can have on your eardrum.

As a solution to these risks that motorcyclists are exposed to, a lot of firms have come up with custom earplugs to protect the eardrum from the obvious noise hazards. Some of these custom earplugs are very good, others not too good. However, a firm known as the Big Ear Incorporations has revolutionized the process of custom earplug manufacturing, and designs in the recent past and its products are accepted and endorsed by a lot of folks who ride a motorcycle.

Big Ear Custom Earplugs

The Big Ear brand has some of the best custom earplugs for motorcycle riders. They include:

Best Safety Hearing Protection for the Motorcycle Riders

Custom Solid Earplugs: These are designed to ensure a custom fit and comfortable earplug experience with or without the helmet. It is technologically enhanced to give the user a consistent decibel reduction which normal earplugs don’t offer.

Super Soft Custom Earplugs: These are handcrafted by some of the best technicians in the business by using the newest super soft silicone for the most sensitive ears. They are designed to enhance perfection and comfort at every use.

One Customer Filtered Earplugs: These are designed with a technological advancement that protects your eardrums by filtering toxic wind noise away but also allowing you to be aware of the activities around you. The technology known as spatial awareness allows you to hear horns, music, your own intercoms and other sounds that you need to make informed decisions.

Single Transducer BE-1C’s

Single Transducer BE-1C’s: This is crafted for efficient performance in the harshest of environments. It allows you to hear your communications without the need to increase the volume of the radio either too high or too low. It adjusts itself and offers a 32dB of hearing protection to the wearer at every time.

Other customized earplug products from the stable of Big Earplugs Inc. include the Custom Wired Stereo Earplugs, Custom Bluetooth Stereo Earplugs, BE-2 Dual Transducer all of which have proven to be the best of products in the industry in recent times.

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