Why Christmas cards should never be digital

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We’ve all been there. The last-minute panic as you realize that there’s someone you’ve forgotten to send a card to. It’s typically followed by a late-night dash to Tesco in search of the same packet of Christmas cards. It has to be the same, you remind yourself, or Betty from two streets over will know that I forget her.

For all its wonder and magic Christmas can also bring about a lot of stress and you’d easily be forgiven for wanting to find a way to cut corners, costs and time. There are some things that can be easily be forgotten, some things that can be left until the last minute and other things that can be saved for if you have time.

These days, most aspects of Christmas can be done in some sort of digital format, from toy shopping to the grocery haul and even, dare we say it, Christmas cards. It’s certainly one way of avoiding the aforementioned panic.

But when it comes to this type of cards, tradition reigns supreme and there’s something timeless about receiving a physical card in the post. So, whilst we understand the appeal of wanting to do things online, in this blog post we will set out to defend traditional cards for this occasion and to outline the reasons why they should never be digital.

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Anyone can send an email, it’s the key reason why it has now become a marketing favorite because they can easily be sent to everyone on your mailing list. They land with the person within seconds and have less chance of going missing along the way. They’re ideal in many ways, ideal for marketing that is, but not so suited for Christmas cards.

Most emails are sent from a template, they’re sent to a mailing list and are rarely excessively tailored to you. Digital Christmas cards are much the same and offer very little room for personalization. They appear cold, generic and as if very little effort has been put into them.

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By contrast, think about the traditional one and the difference that a physical card can have. First, you have to actually go to the store and choose the cards that you like, then write to them and then pop them in the post. It takes a bit more effort than a digital alternative, but it is a whole lot more personal.


After Christmas, there are numerous ways to re-use them, making their journey last that little bit longer. In our local area, schools often collect these cards and re-use them for numerous different projects with the children. Or, if that’s not possible, they can always be given to a recycling bank. A digital email, on the other hand, that goes straight to the trash icon.

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Too many emails already

Off the top of your head, how many emails do you get on a daily basis? Yup, loads, am I right? So, no matter how beautiful, well written or well designed a Christmas email is, you’re not going pay much attention to it.


Look, we’re all for adding some modern twists to your Christmas habits but there are some traditions that we are hugely supportive of. The Turkey, the presents, the tree, the pudding (naturally) and of course, Christmas cards.

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Traditions become traditions for reasons and Christmas cards are irreplaceable.

They can be posted from Bethlehem

Would there be anything more festive than posting it from Bethlehem? Now, we are in no way suggesting that you hop on a plane to the Middle East, just to post back your Christmas cards because that seems a tad excessive.

But here is a far easier way of achieving this playful festivity. In Carmarthenshire, in Wales, there is actually a small town called Bethlehem. Put it this way, you certainly wouldn’t be the only one opting for this and I’m certainly going to make an impression.

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Whatever you decide to do to save yourself time and money this Christmas, it’s worth sticking to traditional Christmas cards.

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