How wedding invitations can help your day run smoothly


When it comes to the smooth running of your wedding day, you’re going to want as much support as possible, and we suggest being entirely proactive about it. In the run-up to the wedding, numerous different things can be done to help ensure that your day runs as smoothly as it possibly can.

Ok, so you’ve planned out your timeline, you know exactly where everyone needs to be and when. Your seating plan has been decided, you’ve made sure this auntie and that auntie is sat at the opposite side of the room.

So, what more can you do to ensure that things go smoothly?

We suggest using your invitations as another tool for helping with this and in this post, we are going to discuss why. To view an incredible range of wedding invitations, pop on over to for some great inspiration!



There will be some guests that you’ve invited to the ceremony and reception, others that have only been invited to one part, so a timeline is going to be important to help things move swimmingly. However, even if someone has only been invited to one part of the wedding, it’s definitely worth sharing the timeline with everyone invited. It will allow people to make certain plans and to decide what they plan to do for the day.

So, why not include a full timeline on your invitation and save the uncertainty that sometimes comes with wedding arrangements.

Top tip – Include a rough end time to allow people to be able to arrange their own transport. It’ll avoid any last-minute panic as you try to fathom why Aunt Sylvia is left, who was supposed to take her home and how what you’re going to do with her now?

Dietary requirements


We cannot stress how important this aspect is and there are no jokes to be had on this front. Making an allergy error could have serious consequences and so, make sure that you have checked, double checked and triple checked with your guests.

We suggest adding a small note in with your invitations, asking that guests please let you know if there are any specific dietary requirements within your guest lists. Give them an email or easy way that they can get hold of you and make sure that you write it down.



If you are getting married in a hotel or some kind of complex, then this will probably be less of an issue. However, if you are getting married in a religious facility, sometimes these come with massive parking problems.

We suggest including this detail on the back of your invitations, as it’ll allow people to make any necessary arrangements. Whether the parking is plentiful or scarce, pop it on the invitation and people can make their own decisions. It’ll also save people worrying about it, because they will, we logistical types allow do.

Dress code


It might be that you don’t have a particular dress code for your wedding, in which case, you can skip this aspect. But if you do, your wedding invitation gives you the perfect opportunity to include this information.

If you’re super organized and sending out your invitation is a suitable timeframe, this will give your guests plenty of time to make the necessary attire choices.

Gift guide


We are huge advocates of having your own gift buying guide and we suggest that in addition, you have your own gift buying policy. It could be that you would rather money for your honeymoon, donations for your favourite charity or simply that you have certain things that you’d like to receive.

Most people love to be prepared when it comes to this kind of things, so making sure that people are aware of is key.

It, therefore, stands to reason that these should be included with your wedding invitation, as it will allow people plenty of time to their gift choices.