The Best Way to Get an Online Divorce

Nothing is easy about divorce. The divorce process is fraught with difficulties for many, even those who realize full well that the relationship has hit the end of the road. If you are one of those people who are contemplating about separation, the uncertainty accompanying the process is probably keeping you up at night.

However, with the option of online divorce at your disposal, things have become relatively easy. By working out issues with your spouse, you can amicably separate online. By choosing this option, you will be able to take control of the entire process from the comfort of your home. Not only will you be saving a lot of time and money, but you will also be shielding yourself from the emotional distraught that comes with a messy process through trial.

What is Online Divorce?

Couples who have reached an agreement over all the major aspects of the separation can hire the best online divorce service and get all of the paperwork for your uncontested divorce prepared online. The only thing left to do is sign and file.

For you to file for an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse have to agree on ending the marriage, and all issues associated with the separation. Items such as property division, alimony, child custody, child support, spousal support, co-parenting, and others should be resolved. There must be no outstanding conflict among spouses to be eligible for this option.

If you and your spouse are not able to agree on your full terms, then the separation would be considered contested, and you will have to settle your conflicts in court. However, the court is still not the only alternative for settling contested divorces. You and your spouse can choose mediation or other such alternatives, to avoid trial.

Why should I apply online?

Several factors make online divorce, a better, more affordable option. If you decide to do this on the Internet, you can prepare your papers in the privacy of your home. This process is known as DIY, or do it yourself. While you still have to visit the courthouse to submit your petition and pay your filing fees, it is still a lot less hassle than the conventional litigation process.

If you and your spouse can agree on the terms of separation, you can easily find the best website and simplify the process by getting all of your paperwork prepared online. The following are some of the significant advantages of online divorce:

  1. Proceed at your own pace

If you cannot take time off from work, then divorce through trial could be a nightmare. The court dates are not going to align with your schedule. Whereas, by getting a divorce with the assistance of online companies, you can proceed at your own pace. You no longer have to make swift decisions in a rush.
  1. Lower your cost

You can save thousands of dollars in legal fees, as you will be proceeding with your divorce without an attorney. Thus, you can adopt the do it yourself divorce process and save your hard-earned money from being spent on hefty lawyer fees and other court expenses. On average, the cost of divorce in the U.S. is $12,800. And this figure excludes the other necessary expenses like the cost of acquiring papers and documents, filing fees, petition delivery, real estate appraisal, and courses. If you add up all that, it is an astronomical figure that most people can’t afford.

The entire DIY process, on average, costs around $1500. When compared with the ligation costs, it is clear that getting a divorce over the internet is an inexpensive way of separating from your spouse.

  1. Conveniently file for it from the comfort of your home

Probably the most significant advantage is that you and your spouse don’t have to go through the humiliation of discussing your private life in front of strangers, in the court of law. You can have your papers prepared and even file online, from the confines of your house. Please note that online filing is only applicable to states where the divorcing spouses do not have to pay mandated visits to the district court. In the states that do mandate the couple to visit the district court, you will be filing for divorce through the court.

How to file for an online divorce?

To file for an uncontested divorce online, you and your spouse must first come to a consensus on all the significant terms of separation. Once you do that, you will have to follow the below-mentioned procedure to start the process over the internet.

  1. Find out whether you are eligible

The specific requirements will depend on state law, where you reside. Hence, whether you qualify for an online divorce or not, is something that would depend upon the state in which you live. Such companies offer advice on such matters. You can get help from them, and they will let you know whether you are eligible to get started.

  1. Pick the right service for assistance

You should pick a service provider among the many online companies available to obtain guidance and assistance with document preparation and filing.

You can check out the ratings of top online divorce agencies, for comparison. Pick the best website, which will adequately help you to prepare forms and submit them on your own. For instance, will enable you to do it yourself, and do it fast.
  1. Include essential details

Once you have selected the agency, start preparing the documents. The agency will ask you to complete an online questionnaire to gather the crucial details about your case. Make sure all essential information is correctly filled in. This includes names, addresses, social security numbers, the date and location of your marriage, the names and birthdates of your children(if any), and the details of the marital property being divided. The form will also require you to mention the grounds for divorce. For instance, you will have to indicate whether your divorce is a no-fault or not. Uncontested divorce comes under the category of no-fault.

The information you provide in the questionnaire will be used by the online service to select and complete the required forms for your case. Depending on the site you use, you will typically receive your printable, court-ready forms in around two business days.

  1. Make sure nothing is missing

Review all documents to ensure that information is correct.

  1. Submit the forms in the court

Once your completed documents are in order, you can proceed with submitting the forms to the court. Competent online agencies will guide you through the filing process.

If your state allows for e-filing, you can file through the website of your state’s court. All states allow you to visit your state court to file in person. Inquire from the county clerk with any questions about filing your papers.

  1. Have your spouse served with divorce papers

If required, you may have to have your spouse served with divorce papers. Generally, the paperwork has to be served by someone over the age of 18, or through a professional process server. Typically, you are not allowed to serve the papers yourself.
  1. Preparation of the agreement

You and your spouse have to prepare a settlement agreement that defines the terms and conditions of the separation. It is advised that you use an attorney for the preparation of the contract. By consulting a lawyer, you will be able to avoid mistakes in the agreement that could create issues later. Also, it will ensure that the agreement is correct, legal, and acceptable by the court. The best online service can help you with this. They will introduce you to a lawyer, or paralegal, who can forge a divorce agreement that will stand up in court.


Typically, there is no requirement for you to appear in court. With the help of the best online service, you can often draft an agreement, fill out appropriate forms, and submit them to court on your own. The best online websites are your reliable assistant during the entire process from preparing the forms for you to providing instructions on how to file. Considering the emotional toll divorce can take on you, you should not burden yourself even more by going through the complicated and expensive litigation process. Negotiate with your spouse so that you can file for an amicable uncontested divorce over the internet, and make it faster, cheaper, and more convenient.