Big Cass Turns On Enzo Yet Again After Amore’s Great Promo


The shocking break-up between Enzo Amore and Big Cass during last week’s Monday Night Raw episode left us wondering what is going to happen next. Enzo Amore coming out and addressing the situation in front of the WWE Universe was expected, but then the role that Big Cass had was a bit surprising. That is a good thing since this was a good segment that did the job – Enzo is gaining sympathy while Big Cass is getting that heel heat that he needs.

Enzo Amore started off by saying that he couldn’t reach Cass after what has transpired last week on Raw, so he called him to come to the ring so they can talk face-to-face. After Big Cass had come, Enzo Amore poured his heart out, saying that Cass is his brother in life and that he is a lot more to him than just a tag-team partner. He also said that Big Cass was right for calling him out.


After Enzo’s great promo, Cass had a good mic time as well. Him apologizing to Enzo was something that nobody really expected. They did their SAWFT chant and then seemed to be together again. But, Big Cass had a plan to attack Enzo yet again. He turned on him for the second week in a row.

This time, the attack looked even more brutal. After a monster clothesline, Big Cass just picked Enzo up and threw him down the ramp. Even though it was hard to believe that Cass would return to Enzo, it was still a surprise when he attacked him for the second week in a row. This way, Enzo is going to gain even more support than he initially had while Cass became the most hated superstar on this brand, just what he needs. Thumbs up for the segment. Good idea, even better execution.