Here Is Why Strowman vs. Reigns Is A Great Feud


At the Great Balls of Fire pay per view, we are going to see Braun Strowman going up against Roman Reigns in yet another match. But, this time, the battle between these two is going to be an Ambulance Match. It is an interesting way to continue this, so far, amazing WWE feud. These two are great together, and we are going to tell you why.

In almost every segment that these two were in, some kind of brutal moments were seen. A lot of violence is involved in their segments as it’s either Braun doing some amazing things that we have never seen on WWE TV, or it’s Roman Reigns that is striking back against the Monster Among Men.

Whenever they are in the ring getting ready to battle, you know that it’s about to go down, you know that somebody is going to get hurt, that big spots will be present. When they are together in the ring, you can see that they are two legitimate superstars that have been protected, booked pretty well and made to look good and strong.

Since the segments that are supposed to build up the match always done right and in a brutal way, people want to see these two go at it. They have great chemistry as far as in-ring work is concerned as they are practicing their moves during the live shows. People hate the Roman Reigns character, but they can’t deny that he is a good in-ring worker.

Hopefully, these two will continue fighting in the future as they are two legit Superstars that are always ready to put on a show. So far this year, if we had to pick the best feud in 2017, it would be this one. It has been going on for months, but they are showing no signs of slowing down.