Big Tech companies form partnership on AI

The major tech companies have taken charge of some of the largest databases that is available in this world. In the present day world, data is as important as any other valuable thing in the world. The value of the data is found in its artificial intelligence applications. What it means is that the company that has access to the data is also in charge of AI. With that being said, it goes to show that such companies as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM and Alphabet weld a lot of power.

These companies that appear to govern themselves made an announcement to declare their Partnership on AI. What the group will focus on is on encouraging best practices and also carrying out research. What this implies is that the tech companies will come together to seek how to expand artificial intelligence. There will also be a formal structure for company lines. It is also interesting to know that these companies are working on daily basis to outdo the other in producing the best products that make use of machine intelligence.

At the moment, the means of financing the group will come from the companies that make up the group while more people are expected to join the group in the nearest future. Nonprofits, ethicists, stakeholders and user activists are to partake in the discussion in the weeks to come.

DeepMind head of applied AI and co-founder, Mustafa Suleyman, said the group wants to open its doors to people that have been impacted by AI.

The structure of the organisation has been such that groups that are non-corporate in nature will have the same level of leadership with those of the big tech companies.

From the look of things, companies like Twitter, Apple, Baidu and Intel are not in yet in the group. Apple is said to be excited about the group and looks like it will benefit from the group to help its AI that is falling behind in comparison to other companies that are already member of the group.

The organisation seems to be interested in encouraging change in leading by example. They do not just want to preach, but to practice what they preach and to embark on research and others.

The organisation is looking into all aspects of AI and the risks involved. Why we are still wondering if such partnership will create something like monopoly concentrated in the hands of few. Even though computers have not reached to the point when they can take over all the human jobs, however, they can bring out more of the problems that human beings already have. If the people that are in charge of AI are biased, it means that the AI and the framework they create will be biased.

In order to avoid such a situation, Microsoft formed advisory board of AI ethics. The group is not discarding what has already been done, but to add to what has already been done in the past. They will also make it possible for important data to be shared with minutes and discussions made public.