Big Title Match Set For Hell In A Cell PPV


Smackdown Live has a lot of time between Summerslam and their next PPV event Hell in a Cell for them to build matches and feuds for it. The big layoff has probably given them more time than they really need it so they could get the duels ready for the HIAC. During last night’s show, we have had a fatal four-way main event in order to determine who is going to be the next challenger for the Natalya’s Women’s Championship.

Naomi, Charlotte Flair, Tamina Snuka, and Becky Lynch have all taken part in the match. When you look at these four names, Naomi and Charlotte jump right up as the two favorites. But, when you consider the fact that Naomi’s feud with the champion has just ended, you realize that Charlotte is probably going to win that battle and become the next number one contender.


That is exactly what happened. This girl won the match, and she is going to challenge for the Smackdown Live Women’s championship for the first time since she made the switch to the blue brand. That was a good decision by the writers as she had to earn her way to the title opportunity, she was not just given a chance right away.

These two women feuded last year before the brand split happened, but the roles were a bit different. It was Natalya that was a babyface, challenging the heel Charlotte. This time, Flair is a good girl while the Queen of Hearts is the villain. Both of them work better as heels, but Charlotte is definitely a better face than Natalya, which is something that should make this feud a bit better than it was the first time when these two squared off.