Breaking News: Another Devastating Earthquake Hits Mexico

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A new earthquake has been recorded early this morning in Mexico. Alarms went off again after two strong quakes that hit this country during this month and took almost 400 lives combined.

According to a report from U.S. Geological Survey, the epicenter of this one has been pinpointed at about 12 miles southeast of Matias Romero in the state of Oaxaca. This region was heavily hit by the September 7 earthquake that was rated at 8.1 on Richter scale.

The seismic alarm went off as the tremor swayed buildings, and as a result, rescue operations all over the area from the Tuesday’s quake needed to be suspended.

Condesa neighborhood is usually filled with young people that visit those restaurants and bars on Friday night. But the recent earthquake caused this area to be almost deserted, and you can only see workers and rescuers that were taking short breaks.

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It is the fifth day of rescue operations, and many are losing hope that those that are still missing could be found alive. In Mexico City‘s downtown, we can see families that are still waiting for any kind of report about their loved ones that are trapped in a destroyed building in near vicinity.

Patricia Fernandez Romero is waiting to hear any news about her 27-year-old son, and she stated: “There are moments when you feel like you’re breaking down. And there are moments when you’re a little calmer. … They are all moments that you wouldn’t wish on anyone.”

People are sleeping in tents near the piles of rubble and waiting for any information. They are trying to get details about rescue operation from authorities that are doing all in their power to save as many as they can.

According to latest reports, some of the people that are currently trapped under the pile of ruble did get food and water, but it is unclear when they will be saved. Rescue teams from Israel and Japan have come to help, and hopefully, we will have more good news in the next few hours and days.

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As the time passed, it was time for bulldozers to take over the job from rescue workers. People that still had their relatives and friends missing were quite upset with this info, but the officials told that there are no survivors in the areas they will start clearing out.

According to Luis Felipe Puente, National Civil Defense chief, bulldozers started working only on parts where there is a chance for the rubble to collapse on other structures that are nearby. It is also said that in those areas there are no trapped people.

“It is false that we are demolishing structures where there could be survivors. The rescue operations will continue, and they won’t stop.”

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