Mexico Earthquake – Dog Saves 52 People

The Mexican Navy has a Labrador named Frida who has managed to rescue 52 people in her career, 12 of whom were in a life-threatening situation after a powerful earthquake ruined Oaxaca earlier in September. Now, she is in Mexico City, working hard as any rescue worker after a devastating earthquake has damaged the capital, killing at least 245 residents and injuring more than 2,000.

Frida is trying her best, and she keeps rescuing more and more people. She is a member of the Mexican Navy’s Canine Unit and people all over the world have praised the dog. Plus, she looks cute with boots for protection and special dog goggles.

Even the President of Mexico thanked her for her service as he tweeted earlier this month: “This is Frida. She belongs to SEMAR and has helped save 52 lives in various natural disasters at national and international levels.”

One of the rescue efforts to save a young girl buried in the debris of her school was televised, and people all over Mexico watched it. The operation stretched into a daylong vigil for the country while the workers continue to search day and night.

The girl’s wiggling fingers signified a symbol of hope which motivated all of the people who are looking for the others to go through every destroyed building in Mexico City in hope to find survivors. The Mexico Earthquake unified the people of the country, who are receiving support from all over the world. Meanwhile, Frida inspired so many people across Mexico and the world as well.