3 Tips for Buying Airsoft Equipment as a Beginner


Fun group activities in the modern world come in a great variety of both engaging and interesting ways. If you have a group of friends, you like to spend time with there are always new things to try together and have quality time together. Whether it is team based or free for all, competitive or casual, it is all about entertainment and feeling good nowadays.

Among the most popular activities that have taken the world by storm and the one which is constantly rising in popularity is airsoft. You have probably heard about airsoft and have some idea of what it is, but chances are your knowledge is very limited. Airsoft is one of those things most people want to try eventually but not everyone does, mostly because they lack the proper information on where and how to approach it, or because they need the tight people to do it.

Once you have these issues sorted out the next step would be to get yourself the right equipment. Purchasing specialized gear for any type of activity as a beginner can be quite challenging and overwhelming because how can you buy something if you know nothing about it? Furthermore, even if you manage to find some gear, how can you be certain that is what you need in order to be successful and properly enjoy the fun times ahead?

To all these questions you will find the answers right here in this article. We have you covered and in order to help the newbie airsoft players we decided to give you the most important tips for buying airsoft equipment as a beginner. Read more if you have any further questions and let us get to the tips!

What is Airsoft?


Now, before we can talk about the equipment you need we have to cover the basics of this game. Airsoft is a competitive real-life shooting game where participants, usually split in two or more teams, have to eliminate each other by shooting projectiles from airsoft guns. It originated in the early 1970s in the country of Japan and over the next two decades and into the 2000s it arrived to other countries, especially Europe and North America where it took off amazingly quickly. The weapons are replicas of real, live fire weapons and they truly look awesome. They shoot out spherical plastic projectiles that are pneumatically propelled by compressed gas. They have magazines like real guns and can also shoot out the projectiles similarly to Nerf guns by using spring piston pumps. The most popular mechanism is electric, and these guns are the most powerful, fun, and expensive.

The hits can hurt but not much, especially if you protect yourself the right way. There are no marks on the clothing like in paintball so those who have been hit have to call it out and safely exist the designated map. This type of honor system is the only real way to determine the winner and almost always the players comply to it. The whole sport is quite popular all over the world with competitions and leagues existing as well. However, the most frequent way people play it is by renting the grounds at airsoft centers and shooting it out with the people they know. It is also a popular team-building activity with more and more companies booking sessions for their employees.

Tips for Equipment Shopping

Now that you are more familiar with the basics and the history of the game, it is time to see how to properly but your first batch of airsoft equipment.

1. Get the Right Gun


Buying the first weapon for your future airsoft engagements is crucial. There are numerous factors to consider and rarely do people simply buy the coolest gun they find. First of all, you have to consider the budget, most often the biggest deciding factor. Snipers and assault rifles often have price tags anywhere from $100 to more than $1,000. As a beginner, you do not need much so a basic assault rifle or maybe even a shotgun will do. Your body type also matters when the right weapon is concerned. You should be able to both move freely and hold the gun the right way while shooting. Smaller individuals will have issues with larger weapons. Body size dictates the size and type of weaponry and people usually forget that. Remember to get enough ammo for your first few battles because newbies tend to shoot a lot and miss a lot.

2. Enough Protection

As a beginner, expect to be shot more than you shoot others. With that being said, you will need enough protective gear. The most important type of protection in airsoft includes eyewear and headwear. The projectiles are small and they are very fast, which can result in serious eye injuries as well as hits to other sensitive head and facial areas. Therefore, googles, masks, and helmets are simply a must. Other gear is highly subjective and individuals usually like different camo and army prints. The important thing is to have your whole body covered and for the material to be light but sturdy enough. If you play in summer you may want to go light because of the heat, but the hits will hurt that much more.

3. Accessories and Supporting Gear


Just like in the real army, there are roles in each team, at least there should be. Not everyone will rush, nor will everyone go recon. Your weapon type can help you determine your role but it is the accessories and other equipment that can really set you apart and make you help your team a lot. For example, customizations to your weapon like different sights or larger magazine sizes can allow you different tactics. There now even exist airsoft grenades for some area damage and confusion. Binoculars and radios will allow your team to have an edge on the battlefield. It is truly a real battle scenario where every little piece of gear matters. Hopups exist as well, upgrades to the gun that shoot the projectiles faster and further, an obvious advantage. As a beginner, it will take you time to get in the groove but it cannot hurt to be prepared!