Can Arsenal Really Win the Premier League?

Before this season’s Premier League began, many thought that Arsenal was going to have a good season. The Gunner’s odds of 15/1 to win the Premier League looked pretty accurate. Having now played some 13 games, Arsenal sits at the top of the table with an incredible 34 points, having drawn one game and lost one game.  If you looked at betting sites on the likes of Bet Station. This is far better than anyone imagined at the beginning of the season, so can Arsenal actually keep this form going and win the Premier League? Let’s take a look.

Beating the Big Boys

Arsenal have not been very good in recent years when it came to playing against the bigger clubs in the league. This season, however, all of that has changed. Whilst they may have lost at Manchester United, Arsenal have beaten Liverpool and Spurs at home and won against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. The reality is that this season they look much harder to beat and present problems that the bigger sides cannot deal with. Arsenal’s game against Manchester City was postponed, so we are yet to see how they will deal with the biggest test yet.

Implications of The Europa League

One of the biggest issues that the team will have to deal with is the Europa League, a competition that does put pressure on a side. Traveling to far-flung corners of Europe on a Thursday and then having to play again on a Sunday always puts pressure on player fitness. Arsenal do not have the depth that the other teams in the top 4 have, and this has the potential to cause issues for Arteta’s men. The Gunners are expected to advance far in this competition, and once the domestic and European games begin to stack up, we’ll see exactly what depth the side really has.

Creating a Buzz

Something that Arsenal have undoubtedly done is create a buzz around the stadium that has been missing for a long time. The Gunners may have won an FA Cup under Arteta, but few thought that they would be able to start a season in the way that they have this year. This buzz has given the players and the fans confidence and it has turned the Emirates into a very difficult place to go. The issue that Arsenal may have, however, is that the World Cup comes in the middle of the season this year, and that could de-rail this run that they are on.

Bonus: Who Are the Biggest Competitors?

It is not a secret that EPL has been a “one man show” for a relatively long period. Manchester City has certainly managed to create a team that has never been stronger. While they do not have luck (or skills, it depends on who you ask) to win Champions League, English Premier League title has become some sort of routine for them. But, thanks to changes that Arteta has made in London, it seems that things can change this year. We already explained why Arsenal has big chances to win EPL, but they certainly aren’t the only team that has chances to do such a thing. There are some other teams that we expect to fight for the title until the next round. Let’s go!

Once Again, Manchester City

Well, blue part of the Manchester certainly has chances to win the title once again. Indeed, everyone expected that team will become ven stronger when Haaland arrived. On the other and, he certainly confirmed he came to Etihad for a good reason. If he continue this way, there is no doubt he will become the best striker of all times.

But, teams never won the title because of only one player. The rest of the team needs to wake up. They are not far away from the first place, and if they do “wake up”, we are sure there will be a tough battle between Arsenal and Manchester City.


Liverpool started the season pretty bad. But, we can’t neglect they had many problems with the injuries. Apart from that, they haven’t managed to bring new players and refresh the midfield. Midfliers in Liverpool are getting old. Some of them simply do not possess the quality to regularly play in the starting eleven.

But, when you look closer, Liverpool mostly lost games against “weaker teams”. In the moment when we are writing this article, Liverpool started to win once again. Nunez started to score goals which was crucial. All the fans believe he can be a good replacement for Sadio Mane (in terms of goal scoring). Salah also needs to get back his confidence as he is not playing as before. But, if all these things change, we do not doubt Liverpool will once again be in a pretty long winning strike. They probably do not have a lot of chances to reach the first place, but miracles are possible in football. That is the reason why this is the second most important thing in life.


Could you even imagine that Newcastle would be in the third place of this list only one year ago? The new owner have certainly invested a lot in this club. We are not sure how long they can achieve not to lose. But, they are currently in a winning strike. They played draw with Manchester City, won Tottenham and Chelsea, etc. Some tough matches are waiting for them. If they manage to play in the same way in the future period and defeat some stronger teams, we are pretty sure they will have chance to fight for the title.


In truth, there is nothing stopping Arsenal from keeping this form up, avoiding injuries and winning the Premier League. Unfortunately, we don’t think that this will be the year that they achieve this. Manchester City are simply too good and strong, and that is going to ultimately be Arsenal’s biggest issue.

We expect Arsenal to fall off towards the end of the season and finish in 2nd or 3rd place.