Places you Can Buy Marijuana Without a Medical Card – 2024 Guide


Taking into consideration that more and more countries are legalizing marijuana, it comes as no surprise that more people are interested in trying it. Yes, there are those that have been using it for medicinal purposes for years now. However, people who want to try recreational pot are going to be the main focus of this article.

If you are one of those individuals that have never purchased pot before, you have come to the right place. In the following text, we are going to give you some basic information about where you can buy recreational pot and also tell you some essential things that you need to know. Basically, this is your beginner’s guide for buying cannabis.

In which countries can you get it?


Even though we have mentioned that it is becoming legal in numerous states, still it is not legal in each and every one of them. If you are thinking about making this purchase, the first thing that you have to investigate is whether you can get it in your state. Some of the states on this list are Colorado, California, Alaska, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, and the latest addition, Illinois.

The most important thing is that in these states, you do not need to have a medical card. However, if you live somewhere else, you will probably need one. If you want to learn more information about how to get it, visit

Who can buy it?


Basically, there is only one requirement that you have to meet in order to be allowed to buy pot. You have to be over 21. This is the main requisite in all the above-listed states. This means that anyone who is 21 or older can make this purchase.

Where to buy it?


This is the next question that interests many people who are thinking about trying cannabis for the first time. This is understandable, if you have never bought it before, the chances are that you do not know where you could get it.

The place that you should look for is a recreational cannabis dispensary. This is the only place where you can buy it legally. There are a large number of these in every state which means that all you have to do is to find the one that is in your close vicinity. How to do this?

Well, you have a few options. The first one, as you can assume, is to ask a friend or someone close to you for a recommendation. The chances are that there is someone in your surroundings who can help you with these.

Secondly, look for these dispensaries online. Digital marketing is essential for any type of business, and this one is no different. You can conduct a search simply by googling keywords and of course, the state you are in, and you will be presented with the list of shops. Another thing you can do is to find multiple directories, where you will see the list of all the dispensaries and then look for the ones in your area.

Finally, since marijuana has become legal, many shops opt for traditional channels of advertising such as newspapers, magazines, even billboards, and so on. If you want to be certain that you have found all the stores in your city, you should use all of these three ways of locating them.

How to choose the dispensary?


Now that you have a list of stores that are near you, you have to choose one of them. It might seem odd, but there are numerous things that you have to consider in order to go with the right one, and we are only going to mention some of them.

Naturally, the first thing that you have to inquire about is their offer. Some of these sell more products than the others, but again some of them sell items that are of higher quality. Clearly, you should only go with the top-qualities ones, even though in most cases, these products are more expensive.

Secondly, you have to investigate which stores have the products you are looking for. As you surely know, you can choose between joints, oils, edibles, and so on. If you have already decided on what you want to purchase, you should only consider the dispensaries that hold that type of cannabis merchandise.

Furthermore, read some reviews. It doesn’t matter how great the website and the presentation of a store are, if it has only bad reviews, you should continue your search. Once again, you can ask someone for a recommendation, but on the other hand, if you want to hear from more people, you should look online reviews. Usually, each business has a website with a section where people can post their comments, but also there are multiple web pages where people discuss different cannabis shops and their personal experience.

What do you need to make a purchase?


This is the final piece of information that you need to know. The question might seem a little bit ridiculous, but hear us out. As already explained, according to the law, one has to be 21 or older in order to be allowed to purchase marijuana. This is true for all the states.

Because of this law, when you go to the dispensary, you have to prove your age. As you can assume, you can do this, by showing your ID card, passport, or any other valid document that contains your personal information as well as your picture. If you do not show this document, no one will sell you marijuana. It even doesn’t matter if it is obvious that you are over 21.

Moreover, this tip is quite obvious but we are going to tell you anyway. Make sure to have enough money to pay for this purchase. The chances of finding a dispensary that takes credit cards are quite slim, so you need to have enough cash. In order to be certain how much money you will need you can visit the store beforehand and ask about the prices of certain products, or on the other note, you can look at the offer and the costs on the dispensary’s website.