Can Dallas Top Their 13-3 Record In 2017?

Before the season began not a lot of people outside of Dallas, TX were convinced that the Cowboys are a good team. There are for sure a lot of ‘Boys’ fans that picked them to win the NFC East division, but there weren’t many believers outside of the Big D. In the end, they probably surprised even their own fans by going 13-3 and grabbing the number one overall seed in the NFC Playoffs. They became contenders for the Super Bowl but fell short against the Packers. Despite that, this squad had a great year.

There is no doubt that they should be the favorites to win the NFC East division again, but the teams in the division are on the rise. Cowboys probably overachieved a bit as 13 wins is an amazing result. Not a lot of squads can win that many games in a couple of seasons in a row. The Patriots make it look easy, but don’t think that it is a simple task.

That is why we don’t think that Cowboys can go 13-3 again. They are good, but the opposing teams are going to have a game tape on Prescott now as they can make a far better plan for him going forward. The defense hasn’t improved much. Yes, they are younger, but with that, the inexperience comes into play. Teams like Giants will know how to punish those young defenders.

The bottom line is the fact that their division is tough as they can win against every squad, but we can see that every team that they will face from the East is more than capable of beating them. If they can win 10 or 11 games this season, that would be great. But they aren’t winning 13 again.