Cowboys’ Jaylon Smith Feeling Good After Mini Camp

When you suffer the injury before the season even begins, it is a bit devastating for a player. But, when you are coming out of college, and you have invested all the time into making that transition to the pro game from the college, you are bound to be disappointed when you have to wait for over a year to make your debut in the NFL. That is what happened with Dallas Cowboys‘ 2016 second round draft pick Jaylon Smith.

The linebacker was labeled as the first round talent back before the 2016 NFL draft but fell to the second round simply because of the fact that he had a lot of problems with his foot. There are some nerves that were hurt when he suffered that horrible injury back in his college days. That is why the team didn’t want to invest a first round pick into a guy that had that kind of problems with the injury.

Now, when he is healed up, Jaylon Smith is ready to play and to prove why he was once considered to be a first round talent. This guy is going to make his debut barring any setback during the preseason and the training camp. If we are judging him by how he’s looked in the mini-camp, we can say that he is back to being himself. Here is what he said about how he feels going into the training camp that is going to begin pretty soon.

“I feel like me. I look like me. I am me. I’m Jaylon Smith. Ready to play some ball,” Smith told USA Sports while being upbeat and getting ready for a mini break before the training camp starts.