Celebrity Home Styles


Choosing the style for your home is not easy and can be even confusing at times. This is why many people turn to look at celebrity homes – for inspiration, but also to enjoy the ultimate luxury. Money dictates a lot of things and celebrities have lots of it. Naturally, the first thing they invest in is a large home that offers the privacy they need, but also the ultimate comfort. It is not easy to be constantly under the spotlight, so having a place to rejuvenate is very important. Let’s look at the most beautiful celebrity homes!

  1. Kylie Jenner


While her peers still live in the parents’ homes or in the college dorm rooms, she is enjoying her $16 million dollar home that she decorated completely according to her needs and wishes. This is truly an expensive home, but considering that her net worth is one billion dollars, this is a drop in the sea. Her home has a swimming pool, spa, theatre room, gourmet kitchen, 11 bathrooms, and 8 bedrooms.

The lip kits have made her rich and placed her on the Forbes list of the richest people under 30. Advantage Realty Management says the style throughout her home is very classic and elegant, but with many modern elements, giving it a very unique vibe. Large cushions and comfy sofas make her living room very intimate and inviting. We are sure her family loves to come and hang out. There is a patio for enjoying sunny days in California and a swimming pool nearby for complete relaxation and enjoyment.

  1. Shonda Rhimes


If you’ve ever watched (and who hasn’t) Grey’s Anatomy, How to get away with murder and Scandal, you have heard about Shonda Rhimes. This is a woman who participated in the creating of the best TV series that were ever made. With such great wealth and the creativity she has, we are curious to find out what’s her home like. Well, when she first laid her eyes on the home she lived many years in, her instinct was telling her that this is not a nice house, but it somehow attracted her to give it a go and decorate it further.

Her home was built in 1923 and was redecorated four decades later before she continued decorating it herself. She had lots of work to do and by seeing the result, she did an amazing job! The dominant color is white and every detail shows elegance and warmth. This woman has a heart of gold and apparently some designer’s skills as well. With a big swimming pool and a yard, her kids have enjoyed it, that’s for sure. A few months ago, she decided to sell it, but we simply had to mention it, since the style is stunning and very heartwarming.

  1. Felicity Huffman


This Desperate Housewife is not desperate at all judging by the looks of her home. She replicated the way her old family home looked, just made it bigger. She made a dream home with her husband and with the horses, karts and everything else you can think of – they made an ultimate playhouse for their family. She loved her old home so much that now she gets to come to it every day. It is the ultimate act of nostalgia and appreciation for the old times. With lots of light, wooden surfaces, fireplace, cozy living room, it is a truly comfortable home that her family enjoys to the fullest, we are sure.

  1. Anne Hathaway


The home of this famous actress is so charming that it looks like it just came out of a fairy tale. The dominant material is wood, giving away a vintage vibe. The patio has a discrete, but a very original combination of colors. It completely shows her courage to implement the elements she likes. It is a fun, creative and very cozy house. The bedroom is a little bit more modern than the rest of the house, but it still retains the historic vibe and elegance that would be a shame to lose. It is a home where the actress restores her energy and enjoys with family and friends.

  1. Liv Tyler


Her home is as dreamy and beautiful as she is. The most dominate color is white and she loves cozy areas and many little details that she collects carefully. She poured her heart and soul into the home and it is visible everywhere you turn. It has a big living room with a piano where her kids play. From the chandelier to the doors, everything has been picked specifically for her home. There were a lot of things to be done, but now it just shows how perfect her taste is.

Her bedroom is classic, with a comfy bed, a nice, romantic lamp next to the bed and a simple carpet – everything seems to fit it just the way it should. The top floor is reserved for her clothes, so there is a huge walk-in closet where she keeps her amazing wardrobe. Her bathroom is one of her favorite places in her home. She loves to take long bubble baths and read or watch movies while in the tub. Her kids also have a bathroom and it is truly glamorous and beautiful. The kitchen is stunning. It is a combination of dark brown and white and it is very comfy. It is truly inviting and she enjoys spending time here.

As you can see, these homes are beautiful, nicely decorated, but in the center of it all is love and care for the family. Get inspired by the celebrity homes we showed you, and for more inspiring celebrity home walkthroughs visit the Home Refinery if you want to use the designer tricks these celebrities used for their homes, keep in mind that less is more. Stick to one style throughout your home and make sure you think about every detail you bring into it because every item brings energy. Keep it bright, optimistic and heartwarming!