Who Should Challenge Kevin Owens Next?

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens has been great as the United States champion. The company has booked him like a coward during his Universal title run on Monday Night Raw. Him getting involved with Jericho was fun, but it ran its course which left us only wondering when the real Kevin Owens is going to show up again. As soon as he went into the feud with Goldberg, Kevin Owens got back to being a character we used to see.

Keeping the US title on him as long as possible might be the best decision that WWE can make as this Face of America thing for Kevin Owens has worked out great. But, we need to find him a challenger going into the Summerslam pay per view as US title needs to be defended at WWE’s biggest show of the summer. We have two great opponents for him as well as one that we think that will happen.

Source: youtube.com

Firstly, it is Tye Dillinger. There is no doubt that he can get over with the fans as that underdog babyface, but the company is not using him right now. He should be the one to chase Kevin Owens and his title as we think that these two will mesh nicely.

There is also Sami Zayn that could challenge Kevin. We have seen these two fight a lot, and still, nobody is going to complain about these guys going at it yet again. The matches that they have been able to put together are flat out amazing so it would be cool to see them again.

Source: youtube.com

At the end of the day, we can’t ignore Chris Jericho and him possibly returning to face Owens for the title that he took away from him. We think that the company is going to pick that route for the Summerslam. If it was our call, Zayn or Dillinger would fight KO for the belt.