These Flip-Flops Are As Expensive As A Luxurious Apartment


Flip-flops are probably the most famous footwear in the world since millions of people use it daily. Flip-flops are a symbol of freedom, and they have become a part of our daily lives with so many manufacturers competing in the production of this kind of slippers.

However, there is one brand named BEECHIC from Livorno, Italy which stands out in the crowd – their flip-flops are the most expensive in the world. The BEECHIC brand is a successful company that sells its products all across Italy, but they wanted to spread their business all across the world, so they created super-luxury flip flops called VIRTUOSA.


BEECHIC developers joined forces with artisans from the luxury jewelry in Arezzo, and they conducted a two-year study in order to create Virtuosa flip-flops. These are not regular flip-flops – they are a hand-made jewel. Some of the materials used are French satin to which they added two jewels. Each flip-flop comes with a 24-karat gold frame, and they also contain nine natural blue sapphires, 18 karats of marquise cut and white diamonds.

When you buy Virtuosa, you will get a 100-year maintenance warranty, but this is not everything BEECHIC has to offer. Whenever you want, you can send the two jewels back to the company so that they could be cleaned, dismantled and transformed in just a few simple steps.


Virtuosa flip-flops price

All of this is included in the price, and this is probably what you are most interested in. Virtuosa flip-flops cost €290,000, which is the amount of money you can spend on a luxurious apartment in a city.

You can see Virtuosa flip-flops here. If you had the money, would you spend it on these flip-flops?