China To End 13-year Old Ban On Video Gaming Consoles

China has given approval to the plans to discontinue the ban on the sales of video game consoles in the region, which will provide an opportunity to the game console developers like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to tap the huge market.

China restricted Game consoles, in the year 2000 raising concerns over the content of the international games and the impact that the game titles can have on kids.

Approval comes with a condition

However, the ban is lifted with the condition that the game console developers will have to establish their operations within the Shanghai free trade zone. A document related with the rules of the free trade zone has been issued by the State council.

The companies will be allowed to start selling their products in the region only after conforming to the necessary rules and norms.

China and Free Trade Zones

State Council has undertaken the tasks of losing the grip over Free Trade Zone in the Chinese city of shanghai, and the recent approval for game consoles is a part of the process.

Shanghai’s Free trade Zone is scheduled to open on September 29th and is absorbing a lot of limelight. Shanghai Free trade Zone is expected to be a zone more like Hong Kong, which is a Chinese territory, but have its own separate set of rules.

However, China did not announce anything material related to the Internet policy, which negates the rumors of Facebook and Twitter ban being lifted in Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

Gaming consoles a massive opportunity

However, China has exhibited its determination of relaxing its policy on the sales of video game consoles. Gaming consoles market can constitute up to billions of dollars once the ban is revoked. According to the reports last year, China’s gaming industry earned $9.7 billion in revenue across all segments, and it can surge to $21.7 billion by 2017.

Microsoft took an early step few days back when it entered into a joint venture with Chinese company BesTV to develop games, and the project will be taken ahead in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

It remains to be seen as to how consumers in China will react to the gaming consoles as up till now they have been largely relying on PCs and mobiles for games.