New Additions you can Expect from CoD Cold War Season 2

With the release of CoD Cold War, Activision brought something completely different in the world of Call of Duty. Something that we probably have not seen in any other game either. With CoD Modern Warfare being so popular in 2019 and 2024, especially because of the Warzone game mode, it made sense why they did it. They combined the content from Modern Warfare and Cold War together, creating an incredible game. But, with Season 1 of the new Call of Duty being almost over, it’s time to see what Season 2 is going to deliver.

Of course, to see all the benefits of season two, you will need to purchase the battle pass. Fortunately, in most games today, the battle pass is quite affordable. So, you will not be wasting too much money to enjoy the benefits of the new season.

Either way, you will need to prepare for what is coming on February 25. Both Black Pps Cold War and Warzone will see huge updates.

New characters/operators

In CoD Modern Warfare we saw the release of dozens of different operators. All of them come with different voice lines, visuals, and emotes. It makes multiplayer and BR matches just a little bit more interesting and fun for everyone.

Of course, Activision did not stop with Modern Warfare which is why they will be releasing new operators for Black Ops. The new operators will be called Naga, Maxis, Wolf, and Rivas. All of them bring a type of guerilla-like style. But, it makes sense, considering the story of the new Call of Duty.

To get access to these new operators, you will need to buy them from the store in separate bundles. Although from the official information released, you might obtain some of them with the battle pass itself. But, we will not know for sure until the update is finally released on February 25.

New weapons

It is not Call of Duty if we do not see tons of new weapons and weapon changes in a new update. Usually, in CoD, a new weapon means a new broken/overpowered loadout. At first, it is going to be fun, but we all know that after a few days, everyone is going to be using the same overpowered loadout. But, that is just how Call of Duty works. If you do not keep up with the updates, you will not be the best in your match.

In season two, we will be getting one sniper, one SMG, one melee, one assault rifle, and two special weapons. From the looks of it, the SMG (LC10) looks quite similar to the already in-game MP7. The official release of information claims low damage, but a very high fire rate and low recoil. Looks like it is going to be the SMG meta again. To obtain it, you will need to reach tier 31 in the battle pass which is pretty far. If you do not have enough time to level up your battle pass, d3hell recommends using cold war boosting services. You will get all the new weapons of season two in no time.

Next is the FARA 83 which is going to be the fastest firing assault rifle in the entire Black Ops armory. Is this going to be the new Warzone M4? To unlock it, you will need to reach tier 15 on the battle pass.


The ZRG 20mm is a bolt action sniper with a very slow fire rate. But, it is going to be doing a lot of damage to the upper torso and head, so it might be the perfect weapon for quick scoping. To obtain it, you will either have to buy a bundle from the store or do some of the required challenges.

Next is the Machete which obviously is a melee weapon. There is not a lot to talk about the machete because it is similar to all the other items in its class. I can say the same for the E-Tool, a foldable military shovel.

What is going to be the most interesting is the R1 Shadowhunter. A deadly crossbow that is probably going to one-shot people in the head. No other official information regarding the crossbow. Like the sniper, to unlock it, you will need to go through a set of challenges or you can just buy it through a bundle.

Added Warzone Content

Black Ops Cold War might be fun, but new content for Warzone is what every Call of Duty is waiting for. Unfortunately, we will not be getting much, except the few added new locations to the map. Of course, a few extra locations to get more loot is never a bad thing. It also makes Verdansk a much more fun place to fight.

Although, there are some hints and rumors that something huge is building up for the Verdansk map. We are not sure whether those changes will happen during this season or the next one. But, I hope that those changes will be in this one. We shall see.

Prestige to 11

Like every new season in the Call of Duty series, your level will be reset to one. To become a Prestige Master, you will need to reach level 200 and you will also be able to get your prestige up to level 11. There are several other changes to the prestiges, keys, tier skips, calling cards, challenges, etc. No need to get into this too much. It is just best to wait for February 25th and see what the new season will bring.


Keep in mind, there will be tons of other fixes, gameplay changes, and new additions that will completely overhaul both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War. Of course, Activision does not want to tell us everything about the update. We have to wait and see for ourselves.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that season 2 is going to bring a lot of CoD veterans back to the game. New players too. I’m excited to see what Activision has brought to the table this time.