Crafting A Winning Formula: Combining Leaflet Distribution With Your Marketing Business


There are some standards in marketing that businesses have been following in recent years, and they are mostly related to digital promotion. It is not a surprise considering the efficiency and great value for money. However, keep in mind that some traditional methods can still provide great results. That is the case with leaflets.

People got used to typical campaigns through social media, email, and other options. Therefore, adding leaflet distribution to your marketing strategy can be a great solution for greater engagement. If you are a marketing professional, this can be a perfect way to introduce new ideas to your clients and ensure higher reach for them. Here are some tips for using leaflet distribution as a marketing tool.

Why Is It A Great Idea?


The first reason we have to mention is digital overload. As mentioned, people have gotten used to all kinds of digital campaigns, especially on social media and email. Some of them might even find it annoying when they check their email and there are tens or even hundreds of promotions and various offers.

The same is seen on many web platforms, TV channels, and streaming services. When there are so many ads in digital format, it is not a surprise that many of them won’t be quite effective. Therefore, adding leaflets to your campaign can be an interesting way to target people.

Moreover, the fact is that users love this format. According to the statistics, users will keep the leaflet if they prefer the design, and the average time of keeping is over one month. It is an even better option for building brand identity.

When we compare the stats between print and email, sending leaflets can be up to 10 times more effective. Therefore, sending them once per month to 20,000 addresses can provide the same results as a marketing campaign with over 200,000 emails.

You Can Combine It With Digital Marketing


While typical leaflets with fine design and additional information can be a great choice, adding modern solutions will ensure an even higher reach. One of the easiest ways is to simply add more info related to the website and social media.

Also, you can add unique codes that users can use for discounts. If you are looking for a smooth design without many details, you can simply add a hashtag to the print. Besides that, we have to mention QR codes, which have been very popular in recent years. This might be the best method. You can provide all the details and then add a QR scan at the bottom or another side of the paper.

How To Make the Most Out Of It?


There are many situations where leaflet distribution can be the best way to target potential clients. For example, when you are opening a new store, promoting some online service, opening a restaurant, and more. As we stated before, there are modern solutions that you can combine with it, such as adding discount codes and QR scans.

Still, the design is the most important thing to deal with. When it comes to design, you will have to pay attention to different details, such as appearance, size, texture, quality of paper, and more. Focus on what you are promoting for greater impact.

There is no need to add a lot of information to the print. The key is to keep it simple. That is quite easy when you can add additional data through QR, website, and codes. Also, the print with a matt finish is much more attractive, and will surely make people more interested.

Furthermore, pay attention to the size. The most common format is A5, and it is perfect since you can add all important data on it and keep it simple and handy while it is not too big or too small. Also, choosing one piece of paper with two sides printed is recommended.

There are other very important things to keep in mind as well, such as the message you will send, the audience you will target, methods of distribution, and more. When it comes to the message, it should be simple and attractive. It also depends on the business you are promoting.

There are numerous ideas available. For example, if you are opening a restaurant, you can share a lot of prints in a specific area. You can add some info about the opening and location, but also add a discount with a special code, or use the leaflet as an invitation to the opening.

Timing is also essential. In case you are sharing them outside, checking out the weather is especially important. Dealing with rain can represent a serious problem. Also, the area where you will share the prints depends on your target audience.

Hiring people to share your leaflets on the streets might seem like a simple solution. However, most of the print shared that way will only end in the trash. People don’t like to be annoyed, and you must be aware of that. In that matter, research your target audience, and focus on delivering the print only to them.

There are different distribution methods available, such as sharing in public, direct on streets, keeping a lot of them in some spots in a high-traffic area, and sharing them door-to-door. The choice depends on many factors. For example, if you are planning to share thousands of flyers, choosing door-to-door is not the best solution since it will require a lot of time.

Last Words

Since people are overwhelmed with various digital campaigns these days, returning to a more traditional marketing method can provide great results. Before you start sharing your leaflets, be sure to get a permission. The key is not to be annoying.

Choose the right sharing method, and focus on attractive design. That is the best way to get the most out of this method. Some of the main benefits are cost-efficiency, ability to target a specific group of people, uniqueness, and the fact that people prefer this format over online ads.