Cowboys vs. Falcons – Who Would Win In A Playoff Game?


We are close to the Playoff as only two weeks separate us from the postseason action. Some teams, like the Dallas Cowboys, have already clinched their Playoff spot so it’s never too early for us to take a look at potential Playoff matchups and to see which of the squads should be favored in those fantasy scenarios.

Right now, the Falcons are holding the fourth overall seed. They would be facing the Giants in the Wild Card Weekend if the season ended today. Since we already saw the Giants battling the ‘Boys twice, we are going to take a look at Falcons potential matchup with Dallas.

Atlanta Falcons are one of the crews that always have that puncher’s chance. They showed the ability to go head to head with better teams on the road. Dallas would be playing at home and would need to stop that Falcons’ offense.


Their weakness is the defense. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot would be able to throw and run on this Atlanta’s D. In the process of doing that, they would keep their own questionable defense off the field. But, Falcons also have a pretty good running game themselves.

This match would be a pretty interesting contest to watch. Falcons have enough firepower to come to Dallas and win a Playoff game. We are unsure if they could pass the Giants if they would meet with them first as it seems that they would have a better chance against Dallas. Still, Cowboys‘ defense has been better than Falcons’ one and Dallas would be favored in this matchup.