What Does Aaron Rodgers Need To Do To Win MVP Award?

Source: sportingnews.com

We know who are the front runners to win the MVP award. Tom Brady is in the conversation, Ezekiel Elliot and Prescott are still there for the conference-leading Cowboys while there is also that dude named Derek Carr in Oakland that is getting the job done for the Raiders. Let’s not forget that Aaron Rodgers should be in the conversation as well.

With the game tied at 27 and with under two minutes to play in the game, the Packers had the chance to close the deal in Chicago. He saw the coverage and knew the play that was called. With the clock ticking down, he was not rushing at all. Knowing what’s going to happen, he just calmly snapped the ball, came out of the pocket and waited for Jordy Nelson to run his route. In cold wheater, he threw the ball downfield and perfectly connected with his favorite target. After an easy spike of the ball, the Packers won the game with an easy field goal.

Aaron Rodgers has thrown 32 TD passes with only seven picks this season. Some say that this is a down year for him, and it was before their four-game winning streak. He looked just a little bit off.

Source: presnapreads.com

When you have those kinds of stats and people talk about you having a bad year, it means that you are an All-Time great.

Packers have won every single match since he stated that this team could run the table and win out. So far, he looks to be right. Now, the MVP conversation can’t take place without people mentioning Aaron Rodgers. But, to win it, he needs victories in both of these last games, to make the Playoffs and be dominant.

Vikings and Lions are his last two opponents. Aaron Rodgers is probably the best player on the planet and we think he can get the job done. Packers will win their remaining two games enabling Aaron to be seriously considered as the league’s MVP.