Crawl Space Encapsulation: How Does It Prevent Foundational Cracks?

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Maybe it’s something you’ve never given any thought to or you’d like to avoid at all costs—but your home’s crawl space deserves some attention, too.

Even though this area is largely unseen, it does play an important role in supporting your house.

If your new home or the home you’re about to build has a crawl space, you’ll want to consider crawl space encapsulation.

Let’s dig into the helpful ways this precaution can prevent crawl space cracks and protect the area from other types of damage.

What Is a Crawl Space?

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A home’s crawl space is the area beneath a home that helps to elevate it off the ground.

To access this space, one has to crawl inside of it, hence the name.

In addition to serving as your home’s foundation, crawl spaces can also house other important systems like heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing features.

Crawl Space Encapsulation at a Glance

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Crawl space encapsulation is the process of sealing off this space from outside moisture and weather and the rest of your home.

You can think of it as a protective barrier against leaks and other undesirable elements.

While a vapor barrier, which involves laying down plastic in your crawl space, is an important part of sealing this space, there’s more to consider.

We can help you encapsulate all areas of the crawl space, from the walls to the entry point to the ceiling, and consider the best way to keep this area well ventilated.

Reasons to Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

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While crawl spaces can be very convenient for homeowners—making access to the HVAC unit and other systems easy—there are some issues crawl spaces are prone to.

Encapsulation can remedy many of these concerns.

Excess Moisture

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Moisture is a huge issue for crawl spaces.

Excess levels contribute to a long list of problems in the crawl space itself and your overall home environment.

Mold is at the top of this list. While mold exists everywhere in nature, high mold levels in the home can be very harmful to your family’s health, leading to upper respiratory problems.

Instead of dealing with the fallout of a wet crawl space, encapsulating this area can seal it from outdoor humidity. Your living space will also be protected from excess moisture.

Crawl Space Crack Prevention

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Cracks in your crawl space are sometimes unavoidable.

They can be a result of your house settling over time, which is a natural process. But some cracks indicate more serious structural issues.

Foundational cracks in your crawl space are often a result of moisture issues that create wood rot. Poor drainage or plumbing problems can be other culprits for cracks and instability in your crawl space.

Insect Infestations

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Another issue that plagues crawl spaces is insect infestations.

Termites and other vermin may be attracted to the wet and dark conditions.

Crawl space encapsulation provides a clean, dry, protective barrier against these unwanted visitors.

Get a Free Crawl Space Encapsulation Estimate

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If you’re worried about crawl space encapsulation in your home, there’s an easy solution. Most professional basement waterproofing or crawl space repair and encapsulation companies, like, offer FREE estimates,

Check your local listings for a quality and experienced company that will do the work correctly and uses quality products.