Cristiano Ronaldo drives trough red light, police just watches


A traffic camera caught Portuguese superstar driving trough red light in the vicinity of Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu stadium. The act itself should be condemned whoever did it, but especially when it comes from a public person who should serve as an example to others. To make things worse, he did it in front of a couple of police officers who just watched him going away.

The accident happened after Real Madrid draw home game against Las Palmas. Ronaldo was exiting the stadium, and on the first turn, he hit a red light. Instead of waiting for a green, like all of us mere mortals would do, he pushed the gas pedal and stormed past the traffic light and the Spanish police. The officers on duty didn’t even move a finger to stop four-time Golden ball winner and one of the best footballers in the world. Hats down to Cristiano for his extraordinary accomplishments on the field but this was reckless, arrogant and first of all dangerous.

Back to the game, Cristiano Ronaldo was once again the central figure of Madrid’s squad with his two late goals securing a draw. The final score was 3-3 which in the end was a good result because Los Merengues were playing without Gareth Bale who was given a red card at the start of the second half.


Isco brought advantage to The Galacticos before they were shocked by Tana’s equalizer in the first half. The second half started even worse after the Welshman Bale were given marching orders in the 47th minute. Las Palmas took advantage of additional player on the field and with goals from Viera (56’ penalty) and Boateng (59’) took the lead which at the moment seemed like one that will secure them a win. For this not to happen Ronaldo once again stepped up as the savior of Real Madrid with his two goals (86’ penalty, 89’).

The Spanish capital giant currently sits at the second place in LA Liga one point and one game behind their fiercest rival Barcelona. Reckless driving by Ronaldo you can see in the video bellow: