What Are The Cowboys Biggest Needs In Free Agency

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The deadline for franchise tagging is now over, but the Dallas Cowboys really weren’t involved too much. Looking at their roster, they don’t have that star player who’s deal is up and about whom they need to make a decision to either give that guy a long term deal, put him under the franchise tag or maybe even let him test the free agent market.

But, just like every team, they will have to be active during the free agency so they can boost their chances of earning that number one seed again and go even further this time. The draft is a good way to rebuild your team. Still, when you are a contender, you need to be able to bring in some experienced guys that are going to put you over the top. Just look at the Patriots who added a couple of experienced players in the offseason, like Martellus Bennet and Chris Long. They helped them win the title in the end.

Now, the Dallas Cowboys will need to do something similar. They are pretty good on the offensive side of the ball. The game plan and the personnel are in place. The defense is something they have to work on, and some of their Free Agency needs are on the defensive side of the ball.

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They need to be looking to add a defensive end as some of their players, like Hardy and Gregory, really didn’t give them anything. In fact, they caused more trouble off the field than production on the field. Pass rushing is something that the Cowboys lack and that is why guys like Aaron Rodgers are going to have a field day against their defense.

They could also look for another tight end. As good as Jason Witten has been in his Hall Of Fame career, it seems that he is on the downside of his career and Dallas needs to find a quality backup for him. Cornerbacks are something that the Cowboys lack as well. They do have some decent players, like Claiborne, but they are struggling to remain on the field because of the injuries. That position needs boosting as well.