Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott Still Waits The Investigation Conclusion

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The Dallas Cowboys were waiting for the information on the fate of their running back Ezekiel Elliot, and when the news came they weren’t good. Six games suspension. However, the decision is not final as the Cowboys are going to appeal the decision. The NFL announced the conclusion of their one-year-long investigation into Elliott’s behavior off the field.

According to the team owner Jerry Jones, he and Elliott met with high-level NFL officials in New York before the training camp started. The Cowboys executive vice presidents Stephen Jones expected the ruling to be announced this week and it happened. There were several possible outcomes – but Elliott got a very hard penalty. Six games for the leagues top running back.

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“You’d like to think at some point here they’re going to go ahead and do it,” Stephen Jones said of making an announcement. “I can see why maybe it didn’t get done last week. They didn’t want to take away from anything one way or the other with what was going on with the Hall of Fame induction of Jerry. I can understand that. That maybe wasn’t the exact week. But hopefully, they’re getting close and certainly look forward to getting a decision.”

Jerry Jones wanted to get out in front of it, and last week from the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, he said that Elliott would not be suspended. Stephen Jones added: “I agree with anything that Jerry says when it comes to these type of things. Right now, as far as we’re concerned they have [all the] information they need to make a decision.”

The GM of Cowboys wasn’t right in the end as the fine was declared yesterday and it wasn’t good for Zeke and the Cowboys franchise.

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The investigation has lasted for more than one year, and Elliott was accused of physical abuse on multiple occasions in Florida and Ohio. However, he was not arrested nor charged, but the NFL can still discipline him regardless the legal charges. There was a text exchange between Elliott and the female which implied that the running back was using illegal substances. Elliott has had displayed bad behavior off the field on numerous occasions before his domestic violence accusations.

After he got the news about the six game suspension he took his opinion on Twitter.

Both Elliott and the Dallas Cowboys don’t consider the decision to be final. After the appeal they are hopefull that the sentence is going to be reduced.