Ezekiel Elliot Suspended For Six Games!

Source: sbnation.com

The Dallas Cowboys have waited a couple of weeks for the NFL to reach their decision on Ezekiel Elliott. There were rumors that NFL is actually going to pin something on Elliott and that he is for sure going to miss some time, but nobody really believed that the suspension was going to last more than two games. That was probably the worst case scenario that the Cowboys thought was possible.

Well, they were deadly wrong. The NFL has reached the decision to suspend Ezekiel Elliott for the first six games of the season! Yes, six! The league has thrown the hammer down on Elliott and the Cowboys really hard. Nobody really expected that this was going to happen. All the people within the Dallas Cowboys organization are for sure shocked and disappointed that things ended up like this.

Source: usatoday.com

The NFL has stated in their official letter that they have notified Zeke that he is indeed going to be on the sidelines for the first six contests that Cowboys play in 2017. After the investigation that included talking to all the witnesses that were connected to the domestic violence situation as well as Miss Thompson who was involved with Zeke at the time, they have concluded that this is the right punishment for Cowboys’ running back, even though the charges were dropped last year.

There is no doubt that the Dallas Cowboys are planning to appeal the decision. Even if they wanted to suspend Elliott, this punishment is way too hard and nothing can justify the decision that can impact Cowboys’ season in a big way.