Dating Profile Photographer Helps Over 100 Guys Get Girls

Entrepreneurship can be boiled down to solving problems.

People have an idea of their perfect life in their heads, but most of the time, they don’t know how to achieve it. Maybe someone wants to feel sexy, but their body is too round in the mirror. A fitness class membership would solve this problem, and they would feel happy giving up a few hundred dollars and a few months in exchange for their problem disappearing.

Maybe they just had their 3rd kid and now their small sedan is too tiny to drive their family comfortably to see their family. A van or SUV would solve this problem, and they’d be happy to pay (or finance) tens of thousands or more for their problem to go away.

Every business boils down to solving a problem for a specific kind of person – a problem they are happy to pay the business to get it solved for them.

Dating profile photographers

Professional dating profile photographers are a new breed who solve an age-old problem in a new, interesting way, and they’re difficult to find.

Not only are there just a few of them, but when you look at the results that come from them, most dating profile photographers don’t deliver. They take normal photos which look too posed and waste their clients’ time and money.

Girls on dating apps are looking for a sense of who guys are. Even if they’re looking for something casual, they want a guy who makes them feel some kind of way. Good photos are a good start, but good photos that give girls a window into what makes you interesting is what really matters. And if you look like you’re posing in the photos, it completely negates all the good feeling that the photo would otherwise bring. A girl would look at the ultra-posed photo and decide not to trust you… “is this really who this guy is?”

Dating profile photos need to feel authentic and real. They need to feel like an honest snapshot of your best day so girls can trust and appreciate who you say you are.

Joe Buchoff from Dating Unchained figured this out the hard way. His story tells us a lot about what kinds of photos work on dating apps to attract girls, and what kinds of photos don’t work.

He was feeling lonely one day in 2017. He had made the first step in the modern-day entrepreneur’s Hero’s Journey and dropped out of college to pursue a freer life. He found a business mentor in Lithuania who hosted a retreat he wanted to attend. After 3 months of solo travel he made his way to a resort in Trakai where he met his mentor – a millionaire in his early 20s who made his money with internet marketing – and several other successful speakers.

Broke and without a clear path, Joe absorbed valuable business knowledge from ultra-successful businessmen and businesswomen over the course of 5 days of talks, but had no place to apply it. He needed to start a business to help others, but he had no idea where to go.

He stayed in hostels around the area for the next 2 months, trying to figure out his next steps. In the process, Joe swiped on Tinder and Bumble and other dating apps to find companionship as he traveled – but girls didn’t seem to notice him.

The stress from barely being able to pay for the cheap hostel, coupled with loneliness from almost 6 months of traveling on his own, Joe was already at the edge of his mental and emotional endurance. The rejections and feeling of not being noticed pushed him over the edge.

After one particularly hard day of rejection (he’d gone on a date where the girl just left halfway through) Joe cried himself to sleep, curled up in the fetal position on a still hostel mattress. It was devastating. He knew he needed to turn around his online dating results.

So he started taking more dating profile photos, better dating profile photos and different dating profile photos. He invited some others from the hostel to help him take some, and he experimented with different poses and subjects.

Joe quickly noticed that he got more matches from his online dating profiles. Soon he found a girl he really liked, and they dated for the rest of his trip in Latvia.

When he returned to the states, Joe developed his dating profile photo method even more, creating an easy-to-reproduce procedure that got more matches and dates for everyone he tried it with.

He realized that the most important things to get matches on dating profiles are that the photos are quality, candid-feeling photos of the client’s authentic, unique strengths. Far too many so-called dating profile photographers take photos that are ultra-posed and look awkward. And still more take photos of clients sitting or standing around, that might look cool but aren’t unique or say anything about the clients themselves.

Joe Buchoff from Dating Unchained fixed this by learning not just how to take a good photo, but how to take a good photo that gets the attention of girls on dating apps, and fills his clients’ calendars with dates with attractive girls.

Soon he was in business. He finally had something to use all the lessons he learned on the business retreat in Lithuania. Since that switch flipped and he started helping clients get more matches and dates, he’s helped over 140 guys get noticed by women through online dating profile photoshoots, in over 30 cities, 4 countries and 2 continents.

This experience was vivid in Joe’s mind. He’s gone through the pain of not being noticed on dating apps, and he used that experience to shape his skills and his business. It helped him see clearly what his mentor was saying – entrepreneurship is about solving problems.

If you’re curious about getting a photoshoot for yourself or just want to check out his dating profile photography work, check out Dating Unchained here: