David Hasselhoff opens up about the new reboot of Baywatch

Source: www.comingsoon.net

Although David Hasselhoff has appeared in the Baywatch movie and showed up at the premiere in the city of Miami, he opened up and shared some of his thoughts on the new creation of 1990’s TV Show.

While talking about the new movie in which the old cast is replaced by Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, and Priyanka Chopra, he feels that the reboot isn’t anything like the first Baywatch, although he thinks that the producers have done an excellent job with it.

“It’s funny, it’s pushing the envelope, but it’s not Baywatch – and I say that with a great amount of respect but a great amount of work that I put into Baywatch,”

Although he was aware of this fact from the very beginning, he wanted to contribute to the movie with his cameo appearance.

Source: www.comingsoon.net

“I think they said, ‘We have the rights to do Baywatch and we’re gonna do it our way – and everything else is the highway,” he said. “I had to accept that. It’s either cry about it and watch it on TV or get in there and do what I can to make my moment,” he also stated.

He also said that the role of David Hasselhoff was the unique one, and no matter how much effort one puts into it, nobody can replace such a memorable character.

“I saw the movie and I said, ‘This is gonna make a lot of money – but it’s still not Baywatch.’ You can’t re-create David Hasselhoff,” Hoff said.

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Hasselhoff and his colleague Pamela Anderson will make their appearance Saturday’s premiere event, and watching the new film will evoke some good memories for sure.

For all the roles he took on after filming Baywatch, in movies such as Piranha 3DD, Stretch and Dodgeball, Hasselhoff also thinks that he has become “box office poison.”

“I went from box-office gold to box-office poison,” he said a while ago.