The Winning Edge: How To Analyze NRL Favorites And Develop A Profitable Betting Strategy

NRL Favorites

Sports betting has been a leader in the gambling market for a long time. That is not a surprise considering it is the only option where your skills really can make a difference. These skills are related to your ability to analyze the following games to make more accurate predictions.

There are many factors to pay attention to. First of all, you must find a reliable betting platform. If you are interested in betting on National Rugby League, check out sports betting NZ. In this article, we will discuss more about the best methods to analyze NRL favorites and choose the best approach to win more often.

Compare The Teams

You can always test your luck by trying to bet on games in different sports worldwide. However, if you are a fan of soccer, cricket, or hockey, betting on NRL won’t be a good option. It is crucial to learn more about the sport, league, and different teams competing there. In that matter, stick to those sports you are following all the time. The analysis is the same for every league.

There are many factors that can affect the outcome of some game. Therefore, you should check out the current form, head-to-head score, transfers made, and the importance of the following game. There are many other things to look out for.


For example, there can be a team that is known for playing great at home stadium. Even though they are losing a lot of away games, and their position on the table is much lower than the following opponent, you should be cautious in case that this team is winning a lot of games at home.

Moreover, another important factor people often miss is related to condition of players. For example, if the key role is out for the next game, keep in mind that it can be a big problem. Therefore, you might try playing against them, or bet on lower points.

You should start your research before the start of the season, when teams are dealing with transfers. After that, you should analyze each team and each game to get an insight into different tactics formations. Guessing a winner each time can still be difficult, but that can help you be more accurate when you bet on margins in points and scorers.

Furthermore, focus on individuals. There can be a team that has no chances of winning the title or being among the top teams, but they have one or two outstanding players that are always making a lot of points.

How To Win More Often?


As we already mentioned, it is essential to know more about the sport and leagues. However, your experience with betting is also crucial. There are so many options available, and you can bet on different aspects of the game.

In that matter, choosing the right approach is crucial. It depends on your funds and how much you want to risk. If you are interested in winning more often, you should have lower expectations in terms of odds. The approach that provides highest chance of winning more often is the one where you will bet only on clear favorites each gameweek.

The odds for a favorite can be around 1.2, but it can be as low as 1.01. If the favorite is playing an away game, the odd can be slightly higher. Therefore, spending $100 will provide only $20 profit. You might think that it is not worth the risk, but this is the most secure way to win almost every time.

Besides that, you can combine multiple games at once. For example, combining 4 games with favorites will secure the odd around 2, which means that you can double the money you wage. This is the perfect solution for a progressive approach, which is the most common choice of experienced gamblers.


There are additional strategies you can combine with this approach. The one that matters the most is related to the amount of money you will spend each time. Keep in mind that there is always the risk of losing, even when betting on favorites. Surprises are always possible in every sport.

Therefore, you should create a balance and avoid facing serious losses. In that matter, you should determine the amount of money to start with. Let’s say that it is $100. If you spend the whole sum on an odd 2, you will get the additional $100 profit.

The next step is crucial, which is determining how you will continue your betting journey. One of the safest ways is to put the same amount again. This is an example of progressive strategy where you will repeat the same bet each time you win.


On the other side, first time when you lose, you can double the amount, which means that you will out $200 on your next bet. Most players will decide to start again with the initial sum when they finally win. That is the right way to continue with the progression.

However, if you have enough funds to simply continue doubling the amount that can provide even more profit. Still, pay attention to the risk involved. Getting back to the initial sum is safer since you can lose a few games in a row, and still be able to recover all your losses.


As you can see, it is all about learning more about various details related to NRL, including previous games, condition of best players, playing styles, and more. Also, it is important to mention that you should never get too emotional. For instance, betting on your favorite team can be exciting. However, you might get too determined, and bet on them even when there is a much higher chance they will lose the game.
When it comes to proper betting, it is crucial to choose the right approach and determine the amount of money you can spend. The most important thing is to avoid facing higher losses since trying to recover from that can be struggling.