What’s the difference between a Pellet Gun and a BB Gun?


It is known that men have been crazy about weapons since they were little. First, they play with toys, then it is the turn of shooting video games, and after that many want to hold real weapons in their hands. Only a few of them succeed in that. However, thanks to team games such as paintball and airsoft, many are satisfying their passion for playing “war”.

What is paintball and what is airsoft?


Paintball is a team game that uses weapons with paint as ammunition. The teams are deployed on the field, and the goal of the game is to survive. Then when someone hits you with color, the game is over for you.

It is similar to airsoft, except that now it is not played with pistols and rifles that fire colors, but plastic balls with a diameter of 6 mm (BB). The bullets are practically harmless, although they can be quite painful, so it is advisable to wear protective equipment, ie military equipment.

What is special about this game is that you are the creators of the script, and the rules are very few and usually concern the safety of the participants – the participant must have certain protective equipment (combat uniform, tactical vests, helmets, goggles) and all other equipment which will contribute to the safety and credibility of the game.

Airsoft rifles are authentic copies of real weapons, which certainly raises the quality of the game to a higher level. The essence of the mechanism of airsoft weapons is that it expels a plastic ball (BB) with a small amount of air. The bullets travel at a much slower speed than real bullets and although they can be painful when you hit someone, they cannot kill or cause serious injuries that is rifles.

What many are interested in is whether there is a difference between a pellet gun and a BB gun. Well, although both types of weapons are used in airsoft, it could be said that the difference is very visible. Airsoft guns and BB rifles are two different types of air guns that you can legally possess in most areas.


Airsoft replicas are realistic copies of real models of firearms of specific rifles and pistols. They have the same dimensions and appearance as real weapons. BB balls can be of different weights depending on the type of replica and the user’s preferences. The trajectory and range depend on the weight of the ammunition. You can find more about this topic if you visit softair.blog. BB rifles are used to shoot hard pellets made of steel or lead. It is mostly used for bird hunting and should not be used for shooting at other individuals.

So, when do we use airsoft and when bb weapons?

Considering that bb rifles use solid pellets made of steel and lead, and airsoft rifles use soft pellets made of plastic, it is important to point out that bb weapons are often used in hunting, while airsoft is intended for weapons with plastic bullets in order to avoid injuring teammates.

How to play airsoft?

There are several ways to play this game, and only some of them are Capture the Flag and Military simulation – mil sim. MilSim is a term that means a military simulation, ie a combination of airsoft and some real military situation. Compared to Capture the Flag, which has the main goal of winning the opponent’s flag, there is a fascinating scenario, ie the division of the role is planned for a larger team. In this game, you will distinguish between snipers, doctors, reconnaissance units, and so on. Unlike the usual scenario where tanks that can contain several hundred bullets (BBs) are used, MilSim uses tanks whose capacity is closer to real weapons.

Variations on other rules are innumerable and it makes no sense to list them now because they depend on the organizers of the meeting. Is AirSoft dangerous? In the hands of frivolous people, it can be. Most of the injuries that occurred (all minor injuries!) Were mostly the result of falls and the like. BB himself does not have enough strength to hurt (except of course in the unprotected eye, or in the mouth and ear up close).

Weapons maintenance


Like any other weapon, both bb and pellet rifles require proper maintenance that will extend their lifespan. So, let’s solve one common mistake first; airsoft weapons NEVER lubricate with real rifle oil. Although it will not have any effect on the metal parts of the rifle, the more sensitive plastic parts can be very damaged (this means the interior). A warm recommendation is to use sprays.

If you decide to buy an air rifle, you should single out the main tasks of the weapon yourself: sports training, sports games, precision shooting, or hunting. Then compare the technical characteristics of the respective models. It should be noted that with the right choice of weapons that fully meets all requirements, there will be nothing to regret.

Who is airsoft recommended for?

This is an increasingly common choice of companies looking to work on team building. In addition to being a great way to have fun, they will also bring you closer to your co-workers, and also teach you to give each other backs that could later be transferred to work. There are also more and more young people who celebrate their birthday in this way or simply want to gather friends and have crazy fun with a certain dose of excitement and adrenaline. But if you want a safer alternative to airsoft and paintball then you should consider getting a Gel Blaster.

The basic protective equipment is goggles. Masks that protect the whole face (phantoms) are recommended, and the equipment can be supplemented with a military jacket and helmet. Elbow and knee pads and military camouflage (for protection, concealment, and authenticity) are also useful.