Dig Season 2 Release Date Speculations


Dig is an American mystery and an action-thriller TV Show that premiered on USA Network on March 5th of 2015 and the first season ran until the May 7th of the same year. This TV series was created by Gideon Raff and Tim Kring, and it stars Jason Isaacs as an FBI Agent Peter Connelly and Anne Heche as Lynn Monahan, Peter’s boss, and a part-time lover.

When Peter investigates the murder of a young American in Jerusalem, he discovers an international conspiracy that was in the making for over a thousand years. The focus is on the prophetic return of the Jewish temple.

Even though this is a mystery series and those are usually very successful, this was not the case with this one. USA Network is a pretty big TV station, and they expect major ratings from their shows. If their programming doesn’t reach many people on a daily basis, they will do something about it very quickly as there are plenty of shows that are waiting for an opportunity to shine on a major network like USA Network really is.


That is why, after just one season, this show was canceled, and there won’t be a continuation of this mystery on the USA Network. Some other TV station might pick it up again, but right now, there are no indications of that happening anytime soon. This action-thriller just couldn’t attract many fans for the two months that it has been running, so there is really no reason for Season two ever to happen.