Does Croatia Have a Chance to Win the World Cup 2024?

World Cup is starting next week! All the football fans are excited because of that. We will finally have the chance to see some of the best national teams in the world in the same place. Also, certain parts of the day (depending on where you live) will definitely be more interesting for a large group of people.

But, the positive atmosphere before the World Cup is not the only thing we have noticed. More and more people are trying to predict who will win the World Cup. Of course, there are many passionate players that will put their national team in first place. That is a completely legit thing. Yet, we focused more on real experts that turned off their emotions.

One of the teams that seems interesting to us as well is Croatia. The biggest success Croatia had in World Cup was in 2018 when they lost the finals against France. They certainly were underdogs at that moment in the eyes of many fans. However, true experts knew that chances of Croatian national team had a really strong team full of very talented individuals. This is something we can say for this year as well.

So, the answer to the question from the title of this article is YES, Croatia has a chance to win the World Cup. But, we do not want to end here; we invested more time in explaining why we have such an opinion. After that, you can test your luck on bet365 and other online bookies and, eventually, place a bet on this lovely team. Let’s go!

Some Interesting Information about Croatia on World Cups

Croatia does not have impressive statistics on World Cups like some other countries. However, we also do not want to neglect the achievements they had. While we are writing this article, they have 11 wins, 4 draws, and 8 losses. So far, they have managed to score 35 goals. That means they scored at least one goal per match on average.

Their group in this year’s World Cup is not too challenging. Their opponents are Morocco, Canada, and Belgium. Experts predict that Belgium and Croatia will fight for the first two places. But, we also want to highlight that Morocco and Canada are not as weak as some people think. Both teams have some solid athletes that have the capacity to make surprises.

Just like four years ago, their leader is Luka Modric. However, he is not the only player that deserves the attention of the people. There are also some other individuals such as Mateo Kovacic, Marcelo Brozovic, Andrej Kramaric, Josko Gvardiol, etc. Some of these players may not be in the best form, but that doesn’t mean they are not good enough to compete against the strongest national teams around the world.

Plus, there is another factor that we need to put into consideration – motivation. Keep in mind that the Croatian team hasn’t changed a lot from the one that reached the finals in the 2018 World Cup. Despite Luka Modric, neither of their players is a true “superstar”. But, Croatians love to play football, and they definitely are proud of their country. Because of that, we are pretty sure all the players from the squad are going to give more than 100% of their strength to win every game.

Also, we must not neglect that Croatia is starting a tournament in very good form. They haven’t lost a match in the last five games. That means they are properly prepared for the tournament and they will probably continue in the same manner. But, big competitions are always challenging and full of surprises. Everything is possible!

What Do Online Bookmakers Say?

As you can guess on your own, Croatia is not the main favorite to win the 2024 World Cup. While we are writing this article, they are not even in the top 10 according to online bookmakers. We can’t blame betting sites for not putting them in the top 10 because the competition is pretty tough. Currently, they are in 11th place which is, without any doubt, a great thing for the Croatian team.

Why do we say this? They do not feel pressure! The focus of the mainstream media is on some other teams which only makes things easier for the players.

But, Who Are Bigger Competitors According to Online Bookmakers?

Croatia’s main competitor in the group, Belgium, is not in the top 10 either. Believe it or not, they are even below Croatia on that list for one place. Morocco and Canada are at the bottom of the list which makes the Croatian national team the biggest favorite from the group to get the title.

Speaking of main favorites of the competition, online bookmakers, and other sports experts, believe the title will go to South America. To be precise, Brazil and Argentina are the biggest favorites to do such a thing.

Brazilian players haven’t forgotten the loss they had against Germany a couple of years ago. Their team is full of superstar players that are performing extremely well in their clubs. They have an amazing coach that knows how to make a good atmosphere. This is a crucial thing as all many players from the squad are leaders in their clubs. Plus, they haven’t managed to win the World Cup for a long period!

Argentina has the same problem. That problem is especially noticeable when we talk about Messi. He hasn’t managed to win World Cup yet which means he will be extremely motivated to do such a thing this year. It is questionable whether he will manage to play in the next World Cup 4 years from now. But, Messi is not the only superstar within the team. Their national team is full of talented players. Their pretty long winning strike definitely confirms that!


Will Croatia manage to win against some of the biggest opponents? Predictions suggest that, if Croatia passes the group, they will play against Germany or Spain. But, if they truly are as quality as experts believe, then they need to be ready to fight against the strongest teams. Spain is the third favorite to win the trophy. We will see soon whether they will manage to repeat the previous World Cup and, potentially, make an additional step.