Most Influential Musicians Who Changed Music Forever

Music is constantly changing its sound over the years. Some genres become more popular, and some decline, but music lovers always have quality tunes they can enjoy, no matter their personal preference.

But for music to reach the level it is today, it is thanks to the phenomenal artists and groups from the past. With their work, they have shaped and improved the sound from which all musicians of today take their inspiration.

In this article, we’ll talk about musicians who have changed the world of music. In addition, we will see who they are, and what have they done for this cause. Keep reading and find out more.


The woman with the highest number of sold records, Madonna is surely a musician who changed the music industry forever. Crowned as the queen of the pop genre, she reinvented herself and the sound resulting in lots of hits and fans as well.

By comparing her sound, style, and fashion to the other artists during her time, you can see that she was simply an icon. The provocativeness and being at the head of the tabloids during the 90s and 00s are proof of how influential Madonna was.

Michael Jackson

After the queen, it is the king of the pop genre itself. There is no person on earth who does not know the name of Michael Jackson. With lots of hits that are non-stop turning on the radios, and controversies following him, it is safe to say that Michael was simply a music icon.

Besides his songs, his style was immaculate as well. However, his dance moves were something he is most recognized for. The moonwalk is such a staple move that can be seen from children dancing on the streets to professional hip-hop dancers. At last, many have tried to copy Michael, yet nobody succeeded which makes him even more iconic.


As one of the biggest grunge bands, Nirvana has left a huge mark on the scene. Kurt’s writing and their controversial live performances are some of the things they were notorious for. In addition, they are the inspiration for many bands and are a motive for many people to start making music.

A special event where their music was marked, was the charity concert where Post Malone was performing Nirvana’s most popular songs.

Christopher Wallace

From the streets of Brooklyn, New York, Christopher Wallace also known as Biggie Smalls was a true hip-hop icon. With great storytelling, punchy rhymes, and amazing beats, many rappers have been influenced by Biggie.

Both two of his albums were classics, and as an indicator of success and influence, you can see Biggie being part of the top five lists of all your favorite rappers.

Bob Marley

We cannot talk about influential musicians without mentioning Bob Marley. Coming from Jamaica, he brought the reggae genre a level higher with lots of hits that are sung to this day. As an example, three little birds have been made an anthem for the Ajax football club.

Because of his humane values and different way of looking at the world, he is adored by his fans. Even after his death, his music and views are an inspiration to many artists, especially in the hip-hop world.

Sex Pistols

As pioneers of the punk genre, the Sex Pistols are one of the groups that changed the world of music, as Mp3 Juice suggests. Even though they lasted less than three years did not prevent many new bands from being inspired by them.

Singing against obedience and against the Queen, as well as controversial performances that often ended in chaos are some more of their iconic features. Their influence is noted with this behavior being still present in the punk scene.

James Brown

Although he is responsible for the formation of various genres, he is most notorious for his funk music creation. Besides his songs and a long career of more than sixty years, he did great live performances with energy that cannot be matched now.

In addition, he made songs about social problems, especially about being an African American during the darker years of segregation. With that, not only did his songs and funky drum breaks changed the music world, but he became an icon.

The Beatles

The British band with the most records sold, the Beatles are holding the record for most number-one hits on music charts. They created a new sound for the rock genre and were constantly experimenting with their words making them extremely creative.

Apart from being such popular musicians, they were social advocates and the main culprits in popularizing the hippie era. In addition, they are one of the pioneers of music videos, from which many of today’s artists take an example.

Elvis Presley

Being one of the founders of rockabilly music and the rock genre as a whole, Elvis is one of the most iconic performers in human history. The epithet king of rock was not earned for nothing. From songs that get stuck in your head for a long time, to dance moves, the king had it all.

Thus, without his songs and influence of music, the rock genre would not be what it is today.


From the mid-seventies ahead, Kraftwerk pioneered the use of synths and electronic percussions in music. With that, they are the main inspirators of many artists coming from pop to hip-hop and techno genre. Because of their work in producing hits and innovation in the instruments they use, Kraftwerk is one of the culprits for today’s popularity of the clubs.


As one of the popular artists in the nineties, Tupac is certainly a musician who changed the world of music. Writing about social problems that plagued the people in his time, as well as several romantic rap tracks, he has gained lots of fans globally.

Known for his flow and some of the most beautiful choruses in the hip-hop world, Tupac exemplifies many of today’s hottest artists.