Dwayne Johnson Would Be Better President than Trump, Says Dave Bautista


Is Dwayne Johnson going to run for President as he has said earlier in the year? Well, nobody knows but him, but Johnson’s mate from the ring who has also become an actor, Dave Bautista believes that the popular Fast and Furious star would be a better president than Donald Trump.

“I think he’d make a hell of a president,” Bautista tells EW. “I’d put him in office right now, as the alternative — in a heartbeat.” Dave Bautista, who played in the Guardians of the Galaxy said that he had to become more vocal since Trump won the presidential race.

“I haven’t been in the past, and I haven’t been recently, until this administration,” he explains. “It’s just gotten to be so drastic that I feel everyone needs to stand up and put it all out there, man. It’s a huge turning point for us and our nation. [Trump] is not qualified. You would probably still make a better president of the United States than we currently have. That is terrifying!”

Bautista has the new movie called Bushwick, which is very dynamic. The military forces from Texas and other southern states invade the city of New York, which results in a conflict. Even though there is a lot of combat, the message of the movie is anti-war, says Bautista.

“The directors were very adamant that good things don’t come from war, good things don’t come from violence,” says the actor. “Bad things come from violence — and they wanted to tell that story. Hopefully, at the end of the day, that’s the positive message that people will get.”

You can see the trailer here. Meanwhile, answer this question – do you think that Bautista is right? Would Johnson be a better president than Trump? Why? Why not?