Dwayne The Rock Johnson setting his face against Donald Trump in the next presidential elections in 2024


Even though the presidential elections for 2024 are more than 2 years from now, we already have one candidate who will set his face against Donald Trump. The former wrestler, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, apparently decided to engage himself in politics and this news has been circulating the Internet for months now.


Many people have been posing the same question, whether or not this is just a marketing trick. However, Johnson seems to be very serious and positive about it.

According to the Sun, while being in Los Angeles, Johnson took some time to remind people of his intentions regarding political elections 2024.

“Johnson has previously teased a potential presidential bid, and his latest comment on the subject suggests his interest might be real. I think the ‘Peoples’ President’ has a really nice ring to that.”

In one of his interviews for GQ from a couple of months ago, Dwayne seemed to have been almost certain about his candidacy. He said:

“I think it’s a real possibility.

“Personally, I feel that if I were president, poise would be important.

“Leadership would be important. Taking responsibility for everybody.”


Many people in the USA worship Dwayne Johnson and lately, lots of his fans have started to support the idea of his candidacy because they truly believe that he would be able to unite the entire USA.

On the other hand, Dwayne has apparently launched an organization under the name “Run the Rock 2024,” which has become official and supported by the Federal Elections Commission.

Whether Dwayne Johnson will run for the most powerful position in the USA in 2024, it only remains for us to wait and see. However, his approach towards the candidacy has attracted many of his fans and people in the USA to start to believe in him. So, if he does finally stay firm in his decision, by 2024, he will have an army of voters, according to some rumors.