Interactive Displays in the Classroom: Enhancing Learning with Technology

The logic is simple, and if there is something that can make overcoming certain issues regarding studying material, there is no reason not to use it. Of course, tech has a huge role here, as we already use various tech in our everyday lives. Knowing this, it’s nothing unusual that learning with technology is taking over a traditional way of teaching and learning in schools. We have so many tools that help students, and smart boards and tables aren’t anything new, but that’s just the beginning, as the benefits of learning with tech are much bigger, which is something we will further focus on and discus.

Improves collaboration and teamwork among students

One of the downsides of living in this digital is definitely about people being less social, which is probably most noticeable with the youngest population. Namely, unlike those born in 1990 and before, millennials and Generation Z doesn’t even remember the world where scrolling on your phone can take you across the globe. Social networks also have a huge role here, as people are more willing to swipe left or right than to go and talk to the person next to them. Of course, we are caricaturing, but the reality isn’t that much different.

On the other hand, there are some huge social benefits that people can take from technology, and if used properly, it can bring people together and help them learn something new and finish some tasks as a team. It’s needless to say how important this is, probably more than ever before, as achieving something as a team helps people bond and communicate. It affects every aspect of our lives, which is why learning with technology can be so beneficial for students.

Specific benefits

It is okay for students to be competitive and try everything to get as good grades as possible, but it is much more important to teach them how to be team players and collaborate with others in order to achieve the goal. Thanks to modern technology and interactive displays, it is now much easier to make teamwork more interesting and include each student equally. That’s precisely what makes group studying so great, and with the latest technology, it’s just even more enhanced because you can much faster and easier get over certain subjects as a group.

Besides that, being able to visualize some ideas for the project makes it much easier to realize them, which is why students easily accept interactive displays and get used to them. Depending on the group size, they need to communicate and work together to achieve the same goal, and instead of being competitive, their collaboration improves and gives much better results. Overall, listening to other ideas and different perspective helps you learn other approaches that you can find helpful and later use to solve some other individual problem.

Makes studying funnier

Everyone wants to have fun, but for many, studying is not considered as having so much fun, or none for that matter. Now, this is nothing new, but due to achievements in the tech field, learning something has become much easier as it is an entirely new concept that we learn while having fun. Yes, kids usually do not like studying, and they find the material they should learn extremely boring and unnecessary. Some of them simply do not want to read, and others struggle with remembering the written material, but the usage of interactive displays changes it all.

Namely, thanks to that interactive material and displays, a teacher can present the material in a much more interesting way that makes every subject understandable, which makes it more students easier to remember. Our brains tend to remember interesting things or less interesting things but presented in an interesting way, and because of that, the grades of kids who learn by using interactive displays improve. They give us the option of changing the way of presentation and using different multimedia content instead of using only a whiteboard and a pen. In essence, when something is interesting, we tend to focus much more on that, which makes learning some new concept much faster and easier.

Easy accessible

It can be pretty challenging to adjust the learning material for students with disabilities due to the lack of resources. Understandably, this was a huge problem, as teachers need different help devices for students who cannot walk and students who cannot write. Luckily, much has changed today, and an interactive display is a unique device that can be used to make learning easier for kids with any type of disability. Children who are unable to hold the pencil and write on their own can use their fingers or palms to control the interactive display. It can also be easily mounted on carts that can be easily moved around the classroom, so even the kids with walking difficulties can be part of the group and equally participate in lessons. Overall, this helps students to actively participate during lessons, share opinions and solve possible problems, which in the end makes the process of going through the studying material more suitable for students with disabilities.

To summarize

We are all well aware that things are changing rapidly in the tech field, and even though sometimes it can be challenging to keep up with all the changes, all that new tech comes with plenty of benefits for us. Understandably, the first goal is to make our lives easier, but learning with technology has so many benefits that today, we cannot even imagine going through certain subjects without using some type of tech.

There is no doubt that the benefits of interactive displays are numerous, and they enhance learning even for the laziest students. They make learning much funnier, and because of that, every kid wants to participate, and we all know that learning through the game is the best way to remember something. Because of that, every classroom should have at least one smart panel because it will surely change the way kids see the school.