Creating a Personal Brand as a Personal Injury Lawyer: Tips for Successful Marketing

Personal injuries can form difficult cases in court. In these situations, clients need attorneys. There are good experts in this field out there. All one needs to do is find them. Thanks to the development of technology and the internet, finding people online has never been easier. If you’re an attorney in this field of work you’ll need good advertisement. You can be the best expert out there on the subject of personal injuries, but, if no one can find your online presence you’ll be relying on word of the mouth only.

In this field of legal work, one needs to build a brand. Each attorney that wants to make a name for himself needs to do good work and build up his resume and advertise it. That’s right marketing and law go hand in hand. But, how to do it? How to make your name stand out among the crowd. We’re going to help you with this. In this article, you’ll find a few useful tips for successful marketing which will be a great help in creating a personal brand as a personal injury lawyer. Let’s start.

Start With a Website


The era of the internet is still upon us. The world wide web is here to stay, God bless him. Today, you can’t run a serious business without owning a website. If you want to be a good and recognizable personal injury lawyer you need a quality website. That’s the right place to start.

Focus on the Content

Yes, the focus will be on personal injury cases. That’s fine. But, the way you’re presenting yourself and your work matters. Content needs to be high quality too. Pair it with a good website. Many things change on the internet landscape but content is still king. If you’re new to the marketing department this saying might be new to you. Marketing experts know better.

SEO Invest

Here lies the golden goose. When you form a nice website and pack it with acceptable quality content you need to work on your SEO. This is the part where you want to hire professionals who excel in the personal injury lawyer SEO department. What this means is that you need people who are not only experts in SEO but are also well-versed in personal injury law. That’s a combination that will be a win for you in the marketing domain.

Email Marketing

For some reason, there are people, even marketing experts, who believe that this method is outdated. They couldn’t be further from the truth. There are almost 4.5 billion emails in the world. The reach you can have by employing an email marketing strategy is massive. As a lawyer’s office, you will certainly be using emails in your daily operations. Doing some marketing work via email should be one of the first options on your table.  The days of email are not behind us. They lie ahead.

Exploit The Social Media Platforms

It’s been more than two decades since social media platforms took over our lives. Since the inception of early projects such as Six Degrees, Hot or Not, Friendster, and My Space to the behemoths we have today. Facebook changed the game, there’s no arguing. It. Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and the likes of Snapchat took the torch to what we have today. While you could argue against the usefulness of social media platforms to a  degree, in terms of marketing they’re unparalleled. They can be used in most fields of operation, almost any imaginable, and law is no different. You should use social media platforms to promote the work you do, yourself, and your attorney’s office.

Set Goals

While everything we listed above is important and should be applied to start your marketing adventure, having goals while you’re at it is vital too. This is how you’ll know how far you have come. Setting realistic goals is the best way to do this. Measure how many new clients you had before you started advertising, and how many have come afterward. Also, set a goal of how many people you want to reach in your first month or quarter of being active in this field. When you start reaching your goals one by one, you will feel much better about the entire endeavor.

Focus on The Reviews

Today, everything can be reviewed. Fast food shops, restaurants, motto shops, retail shops, and car services, and the same can be done with law offices. It’s not only that you should allow people to leave a review of your office, you should seek it. This is the first thing that clients look for when they’re looking to hire a lawyer. When you know that you have a satisfied client make sure that you ask them to leave a review. This area of your website needs to be highlighted so that people would feel compelled to dedicate time to it.

Be Available

You probably heard it before, but in the world of laws and legislation, it is important to have contacts all over the place. As an attorney, you need to be reachable at all times. Make your contact visible. If you want more people to contact you, you must make it easy for clients to reach you. It is all about being visible, both physically and on the web. In the age we’re living this should be considered an easy task.

Follow The Best Practices

In the domain of marketing looking in your neighbor’s yard is not forbidden. Yes, the grass will sometimes be greener but you can learn a few things in the process. When it comes to your competitors, you should look at what they did or are doing right. When you see something you like, feel free to copy them. That’s not forbidden. But, ensure that you follow only the best practices. Copying a thing or two from someone who’s not doing better than you won’t amount to anything. Learn from the best, and become one in the process. It is even easier than it sounds.