Fantasy Cricket Players Outline Strategies in 2024

Fantasy cricket is an online game where the players build their own dream teams from the match day, choosing the best possible X1 they are then awarded points on the basis of the real match performances and results. The aim here is simple to score a maximum number of points, in the leaderboard game the player who claims the podium spots take a majority of cash money. The game of fantasy cricket is not just luck but instead is a game of skill and requires one to have a strong knowledge of the game.


In a country where the game of cricket is like a religion, it is natural that it draws a lot of spectators into trying their own hand at playing fantasy cricket game. Now a spectator sport as big as cricket is known to bring people together. Moreover, fantasy cricket games only require one to have a smartphone with an internet connection, it’s that simple and this is why the game has been growing tremendously ever since it first came to light.

To stay ahead of the curve the players playing fantasy cricket often develop new tactics and strategies. It is true that fantasy cricket games are easy to understand and play but when it comes to cash contests and leaderboard tournaments it is an uphill battle to square off against the best fantasy cricket players. It is natural that every player does want the piece of the bigger pie that is the cash games so, for those who have begun their journey fresh and for those looking to crack the code, here are some important strategies that will help you win big.

Look Away From Your Favourite Players


As tough as it might sound, in fantasy cricket games you should stray away from getting your favourite players on your team. You have to choose the players that are in a good run of form, have a better recent record, and have been notching numbers. See your favourite player might have been a point of difference in the past but here you are only awarded points based on the player’s performance and contribution so make a wise choice and look ahead than just blindly picking players.

Learning Is Important

One thing that will keep you and your game in check is the learn new things, fantasy cricket has evolved a lot over the years and therefore leaving room for players to unlearn a few things and pick up on something new. You can always learn from the veterans who have been playing the games for a long time. Try to understand the rules, the structure, and other important details of the site or app on which you are playing fantasy cricket games. Learning is one such strategy that will never go out of fashion.

Focus On One Game At A Time


Often the trend these days is to participate in multiple leagues and tournaments at once but that should be the way to go about playing fantasy cricket online. It is good to have the option of trying your hand on multiple leagues but when you are looking to maximize your gains from a cash contest or leaderboard tournament stick to the major one that is popular at that time. This will save you a lot of time and money and in turn, will help you focus on building your best team that will perform well.

Don’t Be Afraid

Fantasy cricket game altogether is a learning curve and it is true you will stumble at times but that should not stop you from finding your winning formula. Try new things, get a mad idea and implement it and do so without any fear. You will get an idea if it works or not, the best way to implement this strategy is to apply it in practice and free games so that you do not incur any damage to your pocket. You have to take a leap of faith if you are aiming for the top.

Collect Data & Information


In the world of technology and the internet, numbers do play a crucial role and the same is applicable while building your fantasy cricket team. You do not want to go on a hunch or a gut feeling while picking your X1 but you would want to know the statistics, data, and other important parameters. Selecting the players based on track record, average, high-performance fixtures, and form does make a huge impact. Knowing for a fact that the player you have hand-picked on basis of data and statistics puts you in a better position of winning the game.

Know the rules

An important strategy while playing online fantasy cricket games is to know all about the rules and structure of the particular website or app on which you are playing. Not all apps and websites run on the same rules, some might have a particular twist in building the teams while others could add a different feature like allowing to change the players after the innings break. Now you would not want to lose out on precious points after breaking a minor rule that you did not know. So make sure before making your team on a fantasy cricket website you are aware of their rules and policies.

Enjoy the game


This might be the most important strategy of all, often while building teams for the competition people forget why they started playing in the first place. Yeah it is true money is a lucrative factor for joining fantasy cricket games but that should not be your sole focus. The joy of having your best X1 competing against your friends was a wholesome experience and to top this off the winner does have the bragging rights of a better understanding of the game. Only if you keep on enjoying playing the game you will get better at it.


Fantasy cricket games is a great platform for ardent cricket enthusiasts to express themselves and at the same time earn real money. Staying true to the traditional cricket beliefs and with the help of the above-mentioned strategies you yourself can make a name for yourself in the fantasy gaming world, so join in the fun today and play fantasy cricket games online.