What is the Fastest Way to Gear Up in World of Warcraft


The legendary MMORPG is still one of the most popular games, even after over 15 years since its introduction. One of the main reasons why it has such success is that that the developers are constantly working on the improvements and new chapters that are introduced as updates and new expansions. The most recent expansion is called Shadowlands.

The crucial part of the game is a build up your character by resolving various missions. The most common options are quests, raids, arena battles, and dungeons. WoW can be very challenging and it is very important to keep the pace so you can compete with other players. Therefore, you should focus on gaining a max level as fast as you can, and collect the most powerful items.

Moreover, different races and classes in the game will require all kinds of gear. There are certain requirements as well, like reaching the highest level or completing some challenging mission. On the other side, top-level missions require a character with high-end gear. Therefore, you will need to find a way to quickly get more powerful weapons, recipes, and armor. We are going to introduce you to some of the best methods to use for getting a better gear in WoW.

Start With Standard Quests


This is especially important if you are new to this game. Some people with more experience might find it annoying when they need to start from the lowest level, but that is what makes this game so special. The advantage of avoiding rushing into raids before gaining a higher level is that you will improve your skills and learn more about the characters, spells, opponents, and many other things.

You can find many tutorials where you can see how people are reaching the 50th level in less than a day. You can do the same, but keep in mind that it will only make the gaming more stressful. Start from the basic quests, and you will gain level points over time, which will provide you with the ability to get more powerful gear. Standard quests can provide you with up to LVL 150 items.

Buy Boost


We know that this game can be challenging and stressful at some point. That is especially related to people who are playing it for a long time. After a new expansion is released, you will need to choose a hero and start over with leveling and collecting items. If you want to skip some of these parts, the best solution is to buy some WoW Boost that can instantly provide a higher level or advanced gear. If you are interested in this option.

You Can Craft Some High-End Items

This is a well-known feature in the game where you can collect various materials to get advanced weapons and armor. You can collect cloaks, cords, cowls, mantles, and many other things. The type of materials depends on the class and items you are planning to get. Also, it is a very effective solution to gain more items since you can collect the materials while completing various quests and side-missions. This option can provide gear up to level 168.

Dungeons Are Very Effective


Dungeons represent instances in the game where you will need a group of players to complete a mission by defeating the enemies in the dungeon. There are three levels available, normal, heroic, and mythic. These missions will give you gear between levels 157 and 185. The hardest part is to complete mythic dungeons. Before starting the mission, be sure that you have a team of experienced players that won’t give up so easily.

After completing the first mythic dungeon, you will get a weapon that is on a level 184. That is the introduction to high-end quests where you can battle against even more challenging enemies to reach your first legendary item. The max level for legendary items is 235. However, keep in mind that getting the highest level weapon is very difficult. Still, having one on a level around 200 is a great option for facing the hardest opponents.

Work On Your Skills


While there are various tips that can help you to finish some parts of the game much faster, previous experience and skills are still the most important factors. If you try to simply follow the tips while you don’t have enough experience, there is a chance to get into a struggling and stressful situation where you are not capable of competing in a certain quest or defeating an enemy.

If you started with Shadowlands as your first expansion, it would be a great option to get back to some previous stories. You can see how the game has changed over time and learn more about various heroes and races. It is not a rare case that Blizzard sometimes decides to bring back some older missions, and it will be much easier when you already know the story behind such a quest.

The Bottom Line

The combination of experience and focus is the best way to quickly gather the most powerful items. However, it is essential to learn more about crafting, and which items to expect from the following missions. The option to buy boost is great, but it is not recommended to people who are just starting with this game. It will still provide them with stats, but the problem is that suddenly getting a higher level and advanced gear might require more time to learn how to use all those spells and abilities.

On the other side, it is very important for top players to find a way to quickly acquire top-rated items so they can reach the most challenging missions and improve their ranking. There is an option to complete some dungeons alone, but keep in mind that it can be very struggling, and that only professionals could manage to do so. On the other hand, you can repeat certain instances so you can double the bonus and items.