Finding The Perfect Office: 7 Things to Look For

Finding the perfect office can be quite a challenge. You might have everything mapped out in your mind, but how can you be sure you’re looking for the right things? You’re in a constant battle between buying or renting space, and now you’re at a loss. Whether you’re in the market for affordable serviced offices or you’re looking to buy and start from scratch, you need to know exactly what to look for in your new office space. Here are the seven most important things to pop on your checklist! You can find some great ideas on this website.

Serviced Offices

If you’re not fussed about your office vibe and want to keep things simple, serviced offices are well worth considering. These office spaces come equipped with everything your workers need. This includes things like desks, computers and brew stations! All this is covered under your rent and is the cheapest solution to finding the perfect office. Granted, you may have to share the building with other businesses, but you still have your own space to get things done. If it helps, you can think of serviced offices as a pay-as-you-use space to run your business. Better yet, the cost of running the office space is split between businesses, meaning lower and more manageable payments.

Spacious Rooms

If you’re taking a different route, you’ll need to make sure you pick an office with spacious rooms. Not just the rooms you’ll be hosting business meetings in, but also the rooms where your employees will be hard at work. The more space you have, the less uncomfortable everyone will be. And they say when you’re comfortable, you’re most likely to do your best work!

Your meeting rooms will need enough space for a conference table, chair and other essentials. For example, you might dedicate a corner of the room to hand sanitiser, tissues and a small bin. Then, you might have an office plant for decoration in another corner. Hopefully, you get the idea.

Free Staff Car Parking

Another crucial thing to look out for is free staff car parking. A lot of your workers likely rely on their cars to get them into work every day. But, free parking will make them stress less about where they’re going to park while they’re hard at work. And if you can, do one better by investing in secure or private parking. That way, they know their cars are in safe hands if they start early or work late one day. The point is, give your workers somewhere safe to leave their cars and don’t make them pay for parking either.

Games and Break Rooms

Next is the most important thing to look for when finding the perfect office. You’ll need break rooms for you and your employees. Where possible, try to invest a little more in your break rooms and give them a place to go to unwind. This should be something more than just a canteen. Consider adding amenities like a commercial smart fridge, food, or coffee vending machine. This is a space where they shouldn’t have to talk about work or worry about something that happened earlier that morning. A break room should help your employees feel refreshed and ready for the afternoon.

Some staff rooms have pool tables, table tennis, comfy sofas and other arts and crafts. But, you can choose your activities based on your employees and their interests. After all, not everyone enjoys the same things!

Flexible Payments

Of course, you also need to be sure that you can afford what you’ll be paying every month. This will differ depending on whether you buy or lease your new office space, but there’s no harm in trying to bargain for a better price. For small start-up businesses, the future is unpredictable. You hope for fast growth, but things don’t always go to plan.

Remember, you don’t want to commit to something you can barely afford now, let alone if things go pear-shaped further down the line. But, there are more manageable ways to find the perfect office, and you have more options than you think. For example, you could always try co-working. Essentially, this means sharing an office space with other businesses. Plus, you all pay a share towards the upkeep of your shared office space. So, payments are likely to be lower and more manageable. You can invest the money you’d be saving into other things, like the mental health and well-being of your workers.

Reliable Office Cleaners

Another thing to look for, especially after the birth of Covid-19, is a reliable office cleaning agency. Whether you choose co-working or you resort to buying your own space, you’ll need to keep everything clean to stop the spread of nuisance viruses. And if you plan to welcome clients to visit your new office space, keeping it clean and tidy should be at the very top of your priority list. After all, if the first thing your clients see is a messy, unorganised workspace, they’re probably going to be put off doing business with you.

What’s Nearby?

Lastly, it matters what’s around the corner from your new office. Not just for the appeal, but for your employees, too. Let’s say Friday is your workers’ weekly cheat day, and it’s office tradition to grab something stodgy from a local kebab or chip shop at lunch. It helps to find an office that’s in a prime location with plenty for them to choose from. Not too close to busy crowds, but not too far from the town’s best eateries either. An office somewhere right in the middle, just for your fellow food lovers!

On the flip side, not all your workers will be fussed about where they go to grab food. Some may even pack their lunch to save their money. But, it’s still nice to give them the option of going for a lunchtime walk to stretch their legs out, especially after a hard morning at their desk. Even if it’s just a walk along a local canal or to the post office and back. An ideal office will be just a walk away from town. Then, once you’ve ticked all the boxes, finding the perfect office should be a breeze!