Finn Balor Beats AJ Styles In The Match Of The Night


Tables, Ladders and Chairs is the pay per view that took place last night in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This might very well be the worst event that WWE put together this year, with the Battleground PPV being the only show that this company produced that might challenge TLC for the title of the worst of the year. But, we can call this PPV a one-match show because there was something good on it. Of course, we are talking about The Demon Finn Balor going up against AJ Styles.

AJ Styles is a Smackdown Live guy, but he stepped up instead of Bray Wyatt who was supposed to face Balor as Sister Abigail. This was a great idea since Bray got ill and his match as Sister Abigail would have probably been a huge disaster. Instead of that, we got two of the best performers going up against each other in a great battle.


We have seen just how good of a fight two of the best wrestlers in the world can produce without it having a hundred near-falls. The technical part of the match was great, both of these guys got their signature moves in there, and both showed why they are so valuable to the company.

In the end, Styles went for the hurricanrana from the top rope and translated that into the 450 splash. Unfortunately, that cost him the match as he missed and allowed Balor to go for the Coup De Grah. That was enough for Styles not to kick out. In the end, this match was there to elevate Balor and to make the Demon look good. We can for sure tell you that WWE succeeded in their mission. Finally, Balor shook Styles hand as a sign of respect, which was followed by the too sweet sign.